The Strengths Of Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Shutterstock / Stephen VanHorn
Shutterstock / Stephen VanHorn


• They relate to others easily and like to establish goodwill and harmony.
• Dislike conflict.
• Curious personality.
• Live in the moment and are warm and relaxed.
• Have a vivid imagination.
• Are able to show their creativity in tangible ways.
• Under their shyness, they feel intensely. When doing something interesting and exciting, they go at it with their whole heart.


• Have a strong sense of duty and strive to meet their obligations.
• Seek harmony and care about others’ feelings.
• They are social, well-liked, and comfortable.
• Good at connecting with others.
• Are very trustworthy and loyal to the people around them.


• Sees the big picture and connections easily.
• Are original and abstract thinkers.
• As long as theories are supported by facts and logic, they are open-minded and receptive to new ideas.
• Have a big imagination and are highly intuitive.
• Have the belief that the truth is important, making them straightforward and honest.
• Enthusiastic about new ideas.


• Enjoy experimenting with new ideas and solutions.
• Direct way of speaking.
• Natural leaders, very sociable.
• Love to put new ideas to use.
• Energetic and full of life.


• Are energized by leading others forward toward their plans and goals.
• Very strategic thinkers, checking out every angle of the problem.
• They don’t give up when things get tough.
• Rising up to their obstacles is satisfying to the ENTJ.
• Dislike inefficiency, seeing it as a form of laziness and irrationality. They are efficient people.
• Have trust in their abilities and opinions.


• Those close to them will admire their belief that there’s good in everyone and everything.
• Their inner morals give them resiliency during hard times.
• They value harmony.
• Passionate when it comes to things they love, whether it be people or projects (anything that grabs their heart).
• Open-minded, flexible, and open to life.
• Creative, intuitive and have the ability to make connections easily.


• Very honest and direct, they go with facts rather than opinions or ideas.
• Extremely honest. Their answers are straightforward and informative.
• Dedicated to the tasks in their life and will not stop due to difficulty or boredom.
• Like to create order, favoring security in their environments.
• They defend their ideas and morals strongly, making them very strong-willed.
• They keep their word. They’re responsible members of their families and communities.
• Capable and confident leaders.


• Those around them find them intriguing, as the ENTP is witty and great with words.
• Love to learn new concepts (especially abstract ones).
• Able to create original, innovative, and new ideas.
• Very quick thinkers.
• Can analyze problems from many angles to come up with the best results.
• Energetic and enthusiastic.


• They see through dishonesty and deception.
• Are insightful and can see how events and people are connected.
• Are able to follow through on their ideas. They have the willpower and ability to plan complex projects and follow through to the end. They act on their insights.
• Determined and passionate when they believe something is important.
• If they are proud of what they are speaking of, they’ll speak with passion and warmth.
• They want to make the world a better place.


• Spontaneous and adaptable, they are friendly and easy to get along with.
• They are observant and believe there’s a hidden meaning in everything.
• Energetic.
• Like to share their new ideas and connections.
• Good people skills and great at communicating.


• They are proud of their knowledge. They are able to apply themselves to many different situations, applying data and absorbing the details of the situation.
• Have their feet on the ground. They make rational and clear decisions.
• They want to be effective in what they’ve chosen to do
• They are good at creating and enforcing order.
• They value honesty.
• Very loyal and responsible to the people they’ve committed themselves to.
• They stay focused on their goals and work hard.


• Can take up leadership roles easily, being positive and having a strong personality.
• Can be counted on (they hate letting people down).
• Patient; can listen to others’ differing viewpoints.
• Selfless, warm, and altruistic.
• Able to capture an audience and pick up the atmosphere of the room, they are charismatic people.


• Creative and spontaneous, they usually enjoy little physical risk and aren’t afraid to get involved when the situation calls for it.
• Optimistic and good-natured, they hardly ever get stressed out and like to go with the flow.
• Flexible and rational, they are able to switch mindsets to different types of situations.
• Live in the moment and they don’t worry about the future too much.
• They know how to prioritize.
• Have a great mix of creativity and practicality.


• Observant of other people’s emotional states and are able to step into another’s shoes.
• Imaginative, but have their feet planted on the ground.
• Very supportive and helpful to anyone who needs it.
• Favor win-win situations and are empathetic.
• Form emotional attachments to the things they’ve dedicated themselves to, making them loyal and hardworking.
• Enthusiastic toward their goals.
• Meticulous and reliable, they take a steady approach to accomplishing their goals.
• They care to about things being done to their highest standard.


• Enjoy paying attention to others and have great people skills.
• Treat life as a performance.
• Observant of tangible, real things in their world.
• Can step out of their comfort zone to experience everything they want to.
• Like to experiment with new styles.


• Are intellectually receptive.
• They are open to new ideas that are supported by logic.
• When something gets their interest, they can be very dedicated to their work.
• Capable of doing anything they set their minds to.
• They have quick minds and have an ability for strategic thinking. Curious, they can see things from many perspectives.
• Highly decisive and independent. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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