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I have an irrational fear of condiments.

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Andie Colleen

This Is The True Beauty Of Life

Beauty isn’t in one moment, it’s in all: the pain, the joy, the sadness, the pleasure, the laughter, the shame, the guilt, the tears.

Embrace The Fear Before The Fall

Falling in love with anything or anyone is the paradoxical dance that is as kismet as the stars that pop in the night sky, the single wildflower swaying in a field of weeds, and the cool breeze that blows on a hot summer day. Every moment leading up to it, less bright and picturesque, only emphasizes the beauty of the fall.

To The Person Who Is Always Fine

We are living and breathing and going through the motions. We are keeping our heads above water and both feet on the ground. We are making a living and we are following a path that has as many highs and lows as we are comfortable submitting to at the moment, and this is just the problem.