10 Women Reveal What It Is About Certain People That Can Make Them Have Multiple Orgasms



“With my last boyfriend there was just something about him. He was the least experienced man I had ever been with and a lot of the things we did together he was doing for the first time. Once he learned how I liked things he could get me off at least twice or three times in one session, depending on how long it lasted. The other guys could never do that.” – Megan, 33.


“His tongue. God bless that thing. Most guys begrudge going down on girls. But not this dude. Man, give him 5 minutes and he’ll have you screaming louder than ever before. I wish more guys were better or more interested in learning oral techniques.” – Kelly, 27.


“Am I the only girl who is all about the way a man’s hands look? This one guy I dated in college for a short time had the sexiest hands and he knew how to use them. He had a small penis and maybe that’s why he learned to get better in other ways. Who knows. His dick was great but seriously – those hands knew how to work my clit. He’d let me come 5 or 6 times then after I couldn’t take it anymore I’d show him my appreciation in whatever way he wanted.” – Berri, 31.


“I wasn’t able to have multiple orgasms until my mid-20s. It doesn’t happen with every guy I date and I can’t really plan it or try to make it happen. Sometimes my body’s just very into the moment and whatever’s happening and it happens over and over.” – Kristen, 28.


“This is kind of embarrassing to admit but I could never have an orgasm with anyone until I got with my girlfriend. By myself no problem, but with others, it seemed hopeless. She’s great at knowing all the right pressure points and how to give me what I want when I really need it.” Cameron, 26.


“Big penis. Obviously.” – Jessica, 34.


“Honestly, being able to make a woman come several times doesn’t have much to do with the person’s dick or the size of anything. It has to do with the connection and passion the two people have, if the woman knows her body well enough and is connected with it enough during sex. When those 2 things are present any woman can have multiple orgasms. Trust me. I know from experience.” – Veronica, 31.


“There was this bi-girl I fooled around with for awhile. She was so beautiful and every time I was around her I became this idiot who could barely speak because she was just so gorgeous to me and everything about her turned me on – the way she spoke, her laugh, the freckles on her collarbone. She’s how I knew at that time that I was at least bisexual. I’ve been with other partners since then but she was the only one who could make me feel the way she did. We would have these long lovemaking sessions where we’d go for hours and we’d both orgasm several times. It was a beautiful experience.” – Rebecca, 25.


“My boyfriend’s really into trying anything and everything with me. I’m the first girlfriend he’s had in awhile and he’s never been very sexually adventurous but because I’m more open and willing to try new things, he’s discovering what he likes and what he’s good at. It’s perfect for me because the excitement and passion we have for our sex life always helps me get off every time, usually more than once. I don’t think there’s any magical reasoning behind it. I think it just comes down to chemistry.” – Ellen, 32.


“I’m the kind of person who gets more turned on when I know my partner is turned on, so by pleasing my partner and seeing how happy I make her, it naturally just makes me more able to enjoy my time over and over.” – Jordyn, 24. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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