12 Signs Someone Is Basically Dead To You

Don’t Trust The B
Don’t Trust The B

1. You see their text and you roll your eyes and either forget to respond or send them a text 5 hours later like “omg babe! so sorry! I fell asleep watching Friends (again! lol) Just got this”

2. If you can’t unfriend them or unfollow them on social media because of various reasons (they’re coworkers, they’re related to you, etc), you mute them and then basically completely forget they exist until someone mentions them.

3. They ask you if you want to go out and your response is “yeah, I’ll try.” This is a great because it means you’re not even committed to trying.

4. They forgot something major like your birthday or important event so you’re like, K BYE.

5. You actively go on a streak of not liking/favoriting any of their stuff on social media so they get the hint. THIS IS WHAT IT’S LIKE TO NOT HAVE ME IN YOUR LIFE.

6. Whereas once you answered their texts passionately and got back to them within moments of reading now you’re like, ehhhh you can wait.

7. You realize whereas you once kept them updated on your life you stopped doing that a long time ago. You no longer have that urgency to call them when something major happens.

8. And you don’t call or text when something not major happens as well. You guys used to talk about trivial shit all the time but now it’s basically like crickets between you.

9. Every time you guys hang out they spend the whole time talking about themselves or their significant other. You keep waiting for them to ask you a question or open up the floor so maybe y o u can speak but nope, they just keep on talking while you vow to never make plans with them again. (Or at least for awhile).

10. They ask you for a favor and you just laugh. Hahahahahaha ahahahahaha. Are you for real though? No. You are d e a d t o m e.

11. When someone mentions them in conversation you immediately feel a weird mix of annoyance and nausea coming on. Hmmm I wonder why.

12. You start detagging all your photos with them on Facebook. Byeeeeee. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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