To My Future Daughter, This Is How I Want You To Live

 Juan Galafa
Juan Galafa

Dear love, please grow up to be brave.
Stand tall, stand firm, stand out, be unique.
Be smart and never be anyone’s slave,
But when all else fail, just turn the other cheek.

Dear love, do what your heart tells you to do,
Be passionate, be curious, be wonderful, be sensitive.
Daddy and I will support you, everyone loves you will do too.
Keep the desire to shine even if some days it would feel repetitive.

Dear love, one day you will like a boy, that will soon to be a man,
He might be the boy you used to play or shared your toys with.
I hope the boy grew up as a very kind and gentle hearted Christian,
For love my dear, is never a myth and is a work of God’s plan.

Dear love, when that time comes, please be very careful.
Don’t fall to easy nor too hard, for sometimes an unfaithful heart,
Can hide behind a beautiful face with a wonderful smile.
That can make you or break you into tiny little parts.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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