I Will Write You Out Of Every Story I Ever Wrote

Unsplash Negative Space
Unsplash Negative Space

If only I could stare right to your eyes,
If only I could see directly to your soul.
If only I could feel you as the sun rise
If only you could have shed light into the rabbit hole.

You could have been saved from falling.
If only I could see your hearts desires.
If only I have heeded the warnings
I could have saved myself from the fire.

Now, I’m not letting my guard down,
Now I am building my walls up again.
This way you won’t see my meltdown
As I rise up from the hurricane.

I will write you out of every story I ever wrote
One day I will be able to write you out
One day I will be fine without the thought of you
I will wake up one day and I have already written you out of my life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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