I Thought I Matched With A Beautiful Woman On Tinder, But It Turned Out To Be A Nightmare (Part 2)


Well I’m not entirely sure how she/it got my phone number. I decided it would be a good idea to stay off social media and anything technological in nature after I got that text message two weeks ago. The noise of my phone buzzing incessantly in the other room shut both Ryan and I up. I walked over to the lit screen and saw text after text scrolling up my phone as the messages kept coming in.

‘hi’ ‘hi’ ‘hi’ ‘HI’ ‘HI’ ‘HI’ ‘HI’

The letters in the text messages got increasingly more jumbled. After a seemingly never-ending barrage of greetings, a longer text came through. I only got a chance to see it for a split second before my iphone went dark and the apple logo stared back at me. It shut off after a few minutes and I haven’t been able to get it to turn on ever since. I ran into the other room and got onto Ryan’s mac and clicked on iMessenger, signing into my cloud account. My conversations flooded the screen with top one coming from (111) 696-6969. I actually chuckled a little bit seeing as this demonic entity was messaging me from a number that had 69 repeating. The laugh quickly faded as I remembered and imagined Julia’s rows of infinite canine teeth scraping on my shaft if we were to ever partake in a 69 session.

As soon as I clicked on the last message and copied it, the entire conversation disappeared. Here’s what I saved onto a word processor that night.

“S̸̶̢͟͡Ļ̵I̸̶͟͞C̷̀͠͠E̷̢̕͞ ̸̛͡T͏̀̀͞H̸̸̛͞E̢͡ ̶̀̀̕͠F̵͘͟͜͠Ĺ̛҉̴E͞͝S̷̢̨̢H͠͏̵̡̧ ̛̀͟A҉̶̧͘͟Ń͠͡͏͢D̶͞͝͞ ͘͏̴̶͜D̷͟͞R̢͜͜͢I͜͞͏N҉̴̕K̀̕͠ ͏͏͢͝T̷̶̕H̀͞E̢̧͘͡ ̵̶̧́͜R̴̛͜E̵҉D̸͘͢͞ ͟͟É̵̡̕̕Ś͝͡S̨̡E̴̵̷̡̛N̷͢C͏̀̕͘E̴̸̷̷͘”

Isn’t this that zalgo bullshit? I remember seeing this kind of text like six fucking years ago. Julia needs to get her shit together if she really is a demon trying to suck my soul out through my downstairs neighbor. I keep making dick jokes but that’s honestly the only way I’m keeping sane right now. How else is one supposed to deal with the fact that a horrifying, unearthly thing is behaving like a crazy ex-girlfriend?

So like I said, my phone stopped working. It was an iPhone 4 though, so I guess now I have a reason to finally upgrade. Two weeks ago — Tuesday — was the last time Julia communicated with me through technology; she found other ways to do it. I woke up the next day in Ryan’s guest bedroom with blood on the window. Understandably shaken, Ryan immediately called the police and it was determined to be coyote blood. One of the cops was the same guy that came to help me out when Julia was inches away from eating my face. He suggested we put up some cheap security cameras throughout the perimeter of the house. He thought if anything happened, we could possibly have footage of it. Ryan was finally convinced that something was incredibly wrong and he agreed to split 50/50 on a security system with me. We installed the camera’s the next day and went to sleep feeling slightly safer.

The dreams I had that night were horrific, enough so that I remember them clearly 11 days later. I saw myself in a dusty, small room sitting on a wooden chair. There was a dim light but the source was indistinguishable. A feeling of dread swept through me as the light flickered and a door materialized on the wall adjacent to where I was sitting. I was wearing nothing but a hospital gown. At this point I realized I was dreaming but could not wake myself up. I tried pinching myself, slapping myself only to have my hand go through my face, and even standing up and running into the wall hoping the impact would startle me awake.

The wall felt surprisingly soft and…fleshy. Pulling my hand away, I could see an imprint of my hand slowly and increasingly sinking into the wall. A gush of blood ruptured the imprint and the room around me came to life as crimson liquid seeped from every corner of the room. I freaked the fuck out and ran towards the door, yanking it open and shutting it behind me only to find myself in a desolated hospital hallway.

If you’ve ever played Left 4 Dead, imagine the hallways in the hospital from the level “No Mercy”. It was exactly like that, but much, much darker and harder to see. The scent of bleach violated my nose only to be over taken by an even stronger scent of sulfur. I pushed a dusty hospital bed out of the way as I slowly made my way down the hallway, dim lights flickering. A blood-curdling scream erupted from a door to my left, my bowels almost instantly evacuating. The door swung open, smashing into the adjacent wall and launching a volley of glass and wood into the air. Julia stood smiling in a bloodied hospital gown when she took a step forward ever so slowly.

I broke out of my stupor and sprinted as fast as my dream legs could take me down the hallway grabbing whatever was in front and throwing it back in hopes of slowing this thing down. If you’ve ever ran from something and had that creeping feeling that whatever is chasing you is right on your heels, breathing down your neck, you know how awful it is. This feeling was magnified tenfold as I had no idea where I was, where I was going, and what was about to bite into me. There was no screaming, no panting, just the quickened sound of heavy footsteps matching mine only slightly offbeat. Julia was catching up and her silence was unnerving.

I wheeled the corner, darting into an open utility closet, slamming the door shut behind me and jamming a broom underneath the handle. The closet was pitch black with the only light coming from the small, frosted glass window on the door. A dark outline slowly appeared, the sound of my heart a metronome ticking away the seconds before I would either hopefully wake up or die. Julia shrieked, shattering the glass into my eyes as I stared into the depths of hell that were once seas of silver.

I woke up in a pool of sweat. It was Wednesday, 6 A.M. I looked out the window to the security cameras that we’d set up outside. One of them we’d fastened on a pole and stuck in the ground in the backyard. It was sticking straight up out of the rib cage of a coyote, a circle of blood and an upside down star encasing the grisly scene. The footage from the other cameras didn’t show anything out of the ordinary. The footage from the one in the backyard was normal up until 3:33 A.M. when it cut off entirely.

The nightmares haven’t stopped although they haven’t been as bad as the initial one. I realized today that I am burdening one of my friends with my presence and problems and he really doesn’t deserve it. I’ve decided to go back to my house tomorrow and hopefully find a solution. I’ll update if I can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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