7 Ways To Keep Loving Her When You’re Financially Struggling

Morgan Sessions
Morgan Sessions

When you are going through a rough patch financially and feel guilty that there’s not enough you can do for your partner. Don’t beat yourself up. It isn’t always about money or expensive gifts. Sometimes gestures speak about volumes of love than any expensive gift would do.

Here are the seven things you can do to keep the magic alive during tough times.

1. Talk to her

Pour your heart out to your partner. If she is working tell her how bad you feel about burdening her with all the financial responsibility and how eager you are to share it. If she is not working still say how she is the pillar of your strength and how you plan to make it up to her.

2. Surprise her

Bring her a flower. Need not be an expensive bouquet, a single rose would do. Follow it with a genuine compliment and you will have your girl swooning over you. You can also get any small token of appreciation. A simple daily item which she needed to buy yet forgets every time. It shows that you pay attention to the details and genuinely cares for her.

3. Never let your frustration out on her

It will strain your relationship. Remember she is struggling along with you when she could have taken the easier way out and left. Be grateful for that. When in dire situations human tend to blame others for their distress. Never ever do that. Make this time a strong foundation for your future. Compliment her often and make her feel appreciated for bring there for you.

4. Take her out

Even if it’s to a nearby park or a zoo. A touch of nature is always helpful to calm your nerves. Talk about things other than what is bothering you. Listen to her. Share a laugh. Steal some magical moments amidst the turbulence.

5. Help her

When she returns tired from her day thinking about all the works she has still left to do at home. Imagine the smile which will creep on her face when she sees it all done. Help her with the household work. Clean the house or cook a special meal for her. She will be more than happy with you.

6. Dream with her

Include her in your decisions and share your dreams with her. Ask about her dreams and aspirations for the future. Dream about your future together. Sometimes a light at the end of a dark tunnel will inspire you to keep going without losing hope.

7. Date her all over again

Never stop dating your wife or partner. Even if it’s in your own living room. Turn it into the dance floor. Dim the lights arrange the music and shimmy her in your arms and watch her drown in love with you. You can even do any other fun activity which you both enjoy.

Above all, don’t lose hope. From forever dusk is always followed with dawn. Remember bad finance is not the end of life. There are more important things like health and love. Be grateful for them. You never know when your luck will change and you are bestowed with wealth.

So do not let it control your mind, body and actions. A woman needs love more than she needs money. Shower her with love and she will be forever yours whatever may be the situation.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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