4 Steps You Must Follow To Become Unapologetically You

. Entrer dans le rêve / Flickr.com.
. Entrer dans le rêve / Flickr.com.
I eat fake cheese. You know, the kind that’s on nachos at sporting events. I eat that stuff — that weird, unnatural cheese product. I call it “Melty Cheese” and consume unbelievable amounts of it at every opportunity. Once, on a date, a guy took in the stack of plates I’d cleared that were previously holding Melty-Cheese-covered foods. He thought for a moment and finally said, “You’re going to be sorry you ate all of that.” Sorry? Apologize for eating something that makes me happy? I think not, Cole.
It is time, ladies, to stop apologizing for who we are and what we love. It is time to be real. The time for setting aside socially acceptable expectations is now. The time to stop saying “I’m sorry” is now. And here is how.

1. Decide what is real.

Who is your real, genuine, and authentic self? Are you loud and crazy? Shy and meek? Do you love to eat pounds of “Melty Cheese,” or can you lift more than four football players without breaking a sweat? What makes you YOU? That is the first thing you have to decide. I’ve decided that I hate exercise and like to eat a lot, regardless of how many people expect me to be “sorry” for it. Who are you and what makes you happy? Figure it out and don’t question it.

2. Stop questioning your reality.

“Should I really wear this?” “Is this an appropriate way to speak?” “Am I overreacting?” We question ourselves every moment of every day. Stop. If you feel that way, it is real. If you have the desire to wear something that’s not “in style,” it is real. Don’t question it. We could spend hours a day wondering if how we feel or what we want is okay…but guess what? No matter what we decide, we still feel that way and want what we want. Whether or not it is “okay” does not change our heart, only our actions.

3. Ignore society’s real bullshit.

That magazine on the counter at Wal Mart said we “should” wear the most stylish lipstick color this winter. Society says that ladies “should” be submissive to men. Victoria’s Secret shows us what our bodies “should” look like. Fuck “should.” Stop listening to what you should and should not do, according to Society. Society is wrong. Does Society know you and your life? No. Stop letting it act like your BFF and give you advice when it doesn’t even know you. If we let society dictate everything we “should” do without challenging it, we’d still be whipping slaves and be getting married off for money at the age of 14. Ignore Society and its expectations.

4. Stand up and shine.

Once you know who you are and what you want without questioning whether or not it’s acceptable or how society feels about it — be proud. Be proud that in a world trying to shape you into a social acceptable person, you are able to do whatever the fuck you want — and happily too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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