10 Things People Who Work In Customer Service Want You To Know

2 Broke Girls
2 Broke Girls

1. Acknowledge us.

Yes, we are paid to serve you but that does not mean we are invisible working robots. We are as human as you are. We don’t expect you to ask about the depths of our lives, but we don’t appreciate you placing your money on the counter and simply saying ‘coffee’. It’s just rude and trust me, I will burn your coffee until you can’t taste dinner until next fortnight. 
Solution – Hi/Hello/Hey. 

2. Manners. 

So simple, right? Although so many people seem to have forgotten they exist. It was true when our parents said it, and it still remains true – manners will get you far. 
Solution – Please and Thank you will suffice. 

3. Research.

This one is handy for all involved! If you do not know what you want to order, don’t stand in line for 10 minutes chatting to your friend about how drunk you were on Friday night. Not only is frustrating for the staff waiting on your order while you ‘umm’ and ‘ahh’ over the choices, but it is also frustrating for those waiting behind you who know what they want to order.
Solution – Step aside and sought after a menu that should be available. 
Handy tip – Also, whilst looking at the menu, prepare your money. This will get you extra brownie points with the staff!

4. Time Management.

If you know that you are running on a tight time schedule, please do not order something that will take time to prepare such as making a coffee, toasting a roll or making up a customized sandwich and then abuse us about you are going to be late, especially during busy periods. 
Solution – Order something already made up or available to grab and go. Ask the staff how long it will take. Or be prepared to wait!

5. Plan ahead.

We understand that nobody wants to be one stuck with organizing the morning tea, but when you come in and order 20 plates of sandwiches, 30 assorted pies/sausage roll and 15 muffins, it is just very inconvenient. 
Solution – Call up and inquire about bulk orders. Most places can have it all prepared and pack by the time you pick up. Sweat off our back and yours.

6. Don’t interrupt whilst staff are already serving another customer.

It only makes your look bad.
Solution – look for available staff.

7. Clean up after yourself.

We have all muttered the words ‘they get paid to clean up’, but if you have any decency then please use the bins provided. Would you like us to come to your house and leave our rubbish around? No? Didn’t think so.

8. Don’t be gross.

Please refrain from picking your nose, burping, farting, making out with your boyfriend/girlfriend, smoking, eating with your mouth wide open and anything else you can think of that come under the same category. 
Solution- All these things can wait until after I have finished serving/assisting you.

9. We appreciate your attention as much as you appreciate ours.

Avoid being on the phone whilst placing your order. We aren’t going to try and mouth-read what you are saying to us and you will just be thrown upon.

10. The customer is always right – WRONG.

Although this is what we are taught, be very careful in what you are accusing or complaining about unless you are very sure of what you are saying as it will be challenged but either 1 or more of the staff. 

In the end – you don’t crap where you eat. 
Treat us as how you would want to be treated, and you will get quality service and great goods! 
Otherwise – we can just send you on your way with your money or even better: you can have an extra crispy/burnt sandwich!
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