You Only Loved Me With Half Your Heart

Danielle Elder

It makes no difference to you i know.
Gnawing at my vulnerabilities with a flippant smirk,
It make no difference to you i know.
Watching me break piece by piece, losing myself beneath all the murk,
The stubborn heart holds onto your t-shirt on lonely afternoons,
sniffing you all in,
While at night it chooses to barter itself to strangers, for cheap talk ;way too much gin,
It’s easier with them you see,
They don’t come with their baggage of judgment or advise,
I can tell them how foolish i am to love you so much, and they would still kiss me tender, feed me with all their tempting lies,
Lies that make you feel alive, even if just for a while,
Lies that i wished were words you spoke in earnest ,when i lay with my soul bereft and defiled,
The loud music buries the truth with pain always her companion,
Pain that does not let me forget,
you only love me with half of your heart fragile,
While the other seeks me only because you are too scared to be alone,
Keeping me hooked to the masquerade woven in cheat and guile,
You must be laughing at my weak resolve, thinking one call and i come running into your arms,
I don’t blame you, because that’s what i do, you give me one call and i become a willing prey to your charms,
But that’s not a weakness my love nor is it because i am naive,
I give you chances because i had so much faith in us, it breaks me to watch it all fall apart, watch it all die.
I give you chances because i love you deep and true,
I try to convince you to trust me, despite broken promises and all the words misconstrued,
But i lose the lost battle yet again and it makes no difference to you that you lost too even when you won
For you will soon lose your heart to another then another but never learn how to truly love someone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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