The Illusion Of Our Memories

Dolapo Falola
Dolapo Falola

Those moments of clear euphoric clarity when we seem to have solved all the mysteries that have plagued us for as long as we can remember, when judgment comes as clear as blue sky, when it comes as easy as the spring breeze, those moments of pseudo-perfection are photographed forever into our memory.

But those photos might bludgeon, grow weary and old like us, looking at those photographs, reminiscing might make our eyes grow hazy and our heads might get dizzy with the sudden rush of those moments of pure joy, pure euphoria but the haze around our eyes might just be the pain we’ve never really dealt with, never come to terms with, for the thought of that pain brings us down and has us clasping ourselves and gasping for breath with every little drop of tear comes down a flood of memories, memories we cherished and yet stabbing us right into our chests as we welcome the knife with an open embrace for the pain we long forgot is what we sometimes wish for so halfheartedly.

We spend our lives scribbling walls for some signs, yet it’s not about what we want, but about what we need, it’s time we stopped pretending to enjoy these walls. Let’s find a way out of these selfish clouds. A bit of sunshine on my face, a couple memories in my head, can’t think of anything else to accompany myself to the grave with. The skies will fall, we shall bear witness to the beauty of chaos, stop chasing the horizon but bear witness to the ocean of beautiful memories.

And only then shall we realize,

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