The Blind Little Sparrow


The blind little sparrow left all that was known,

With the odd belief that hope won’t fold.

The blind little sparrow then prayed and showcased the cross of faith

let the wind brush those wings straight.

The blind little sparrow then took a deep breath and let it kick in,

felt the whole body shiver into nothingness.

Dove in with eyes closed yet seeing

The feeling beneath setting everything free.

The blind little sparrow hoped that one day it would grow,

that one day all hope shall hold.

Now the blind little sparrow haunts the dreams,

the world’s sprouting seeds of disbelief.

Distant shores of feeble enmity,

now crossing the line with a severed wing.

All in hopes of fragile peace,

the shattered glass of broken dreams. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I’m an engineering student but I can’t stop myself from reading and writing all the time. I’ve always loved writing and I find no better intoxicant than a good book.

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