Lost At Sea

Ryan McGilchrist
Ryan McGilchrist

Lost at sea, swimming in frantic hopes of touching the horizon and vanishing away into that purged solitude. Willing to surrender to every whisper and every lie ever heard. Remembering the sweet song of misery that you once held dear in hopes of rainbows on the other end, only for the rain to never go away. Arms up high, and feet vanishing from right under and the strength that once glued the bones together failing with every passing minute, surrendering to that whisper of a song from the distant shore, gleaming right at the corner of the eye like the light that will proclaim redemption and absolve everything and everyone of all the coarse ignorance.

Walking through the forest that weeps starlight and the moon gazing like it’s paid to do so. Trying to listen closer, the screams echoing in the void. Rain drops pounding the leaves and feet like a million little war cries seeking absolution. Screams that were lost in the night, the echoes that never were heard. Twigs snapping under the feet with every step taken, allowing the tears they shed stain the ground like ponds of blood seeking the glorified idea of redemption.

When misery has flooded the world. When everything’s lost in the ash of bitter destiny and the glowing promise of love that was once made has been long forgotten, treading its path into absolute obscurity, the future that was once the gleaming light of hope has been rewritten into darkness. Only then shall we feel the need to cherish the lost, the fire that burned away everything you once held dear, the fire that you started, I started, we started, unknowingly swallowed everything we needed and didn’t want. The precious love that we needed and didn’t want, the soft whisper of the voice that once made you cringe will cast down realization upon you only to remember it as sweet sound of bliss and the fragile note of harmony.

We’re all inferior to the perfection of perfect, a chest full of butterflies waiting for us to eject, our shattered hearts stolen, forever locked and kept. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I’m an engineering student but I can’t stop myself from reading and writing all the time. I’ve always loved writing and I find no better intoxicant than a good book.

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