Read This If You Have No Idea What You’re Doing With Your Life

Unsplash, TImothy Paul Smith
Unsplash, TImothy Paul Smith

A plan. Life is all about a plan. Without a plan, we feel lonely, scared, and lost.

I see so many people, mostly adults, fresh out of college with their entire plan figured out. But as they enter various phases of their lives, trying not to deviate, their plan inevitably escapes them, like a balloon a child has accidentally let slip from their fingers, drifting farther away, complaining that it has become out of reach.

As each plan fails, we frantically try to find another. We desire to put order to the chaos of the world, to our existence on this relatively small planet.

We forget to relish in the little things. We forget that the moments when we feel fear, confusion, and loneliness are the only times we truly grow and learn more deeply about the human condition.

We also forget the pure bliss of simple things. Hearing a new song that ignites every emotion, every sense, and every cell in your being. Lying in bed all day on a rainy day, cuddling with someone you care about watching your favorite movies. Treating yourself to your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant. The sense of relief that comes immediately after a good crying session.

We forget that this is how the plan works: We find things each day that bring us joy, bring us gratitude, bring us into the present moment.

Because, as much as we pressure ourselves to ‘figure it all out,’ we must also experience the now in order to find ourselves. Without the small things, we are robots.

So take time to love, live, and cherish each day. Feel your feelings, let their spectrum of spectacular difference envelop you, and be okay with it. Watch your thoughts pass like cars on a highway, smiling at the good and making peace with the ones you deem as bad.

The less we try to control, the more we can take in and enjoy. The big plan never works out the way we want it to, but rather how it is supposed to, and there is immense beauty in that thought. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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