Please Don’t Be Scared Of My Love

Christiana Rivers

If you’d ask what’s my super power,
what I bring to the table,
why I’m worth the risk of your heart,
I’d say without skipping a beat,
I’m emotionally available.

I do not hide.
I do not play games.
I do not pretend or shut off.
I show up.
I show all of myself,
My dirty laundry too.

Me accepting myself means I’m able to be accepting of you too.
Me enjoying what life has made of me, what I’ve made of life, means I’ll share this joy with you.
Me not being scared of me, means I won’t be easily scared of you.
But also this means I’ll ask you to show up.

I’ll ask you to not hide.
I’ll ask you to be loving to yourself so you can be loving to me too.
I’ll ask you to find joy constantly and to share it with me.
I’ll ask you to not be scared of me.
I’ll ask you to break everyday the trance of unworthiness, silence, and isolation.
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