5 Ways You Should Face Life (And Be Truly Happy About It)

image - Flickr / Franca Gimenez
image – Flickr / Franca Gimenez

There are a lot of things that could happen in life and we should be ready to face whatever comes in our most peaceful, rational and mature mind. In theory. As much as it seems to be the ideal, the ideal is never easy. It should come – in my point of view – as a structure full of well-explained steps and topics to take a look when shit hits the fan. So I did it. And I’ll share it.

1. Focus

Yes. Even to be happy and face whatever comes in life we should always remember the importance of focus. To focus is not to physically stop what you’re doing in the middle of the day, necessarily. You just have to develop the habit of thinking. Think about your life. Think about when shit hits the fan. Think positive and think of ways to get better. Think about how you’re going to go to work, pay your bills, sleep watching Netflix and still have a little money for a beer or whatever pleases you. Think of your problems. Let the thinking wave through what seems impossible. Let yourself think, and then you’re focusing.

2. Practice yoga

That is one of the most cliché-but-I-swear-it-works method to feel happier that I’ve ever seen. I never thought about yoga becoming such a big part of my day as it is today. Guys, this is really connected to focus. You have to pay attention to your mind, most of all, and yoga helps to reconnect body and mind. You learn how to breathe, to stretch and to ease physical pain. It makes you wanna eat healthy AND exercise more. These two things combined, I shouldn’t even have to say it, brings the ultimate feeling of happiness. It also helps with high stress levels, makes you better in bed and you skin looks amazing. I was never a yogi, trust me on this. It works.

3. Remind yourself to be positive

Positivity is not the easiest part for me, mostly because I suffer from anxiety and I’ve been sent to see a shrink about three times in a row – and never actually set an appointment. To feel calm enough and think about the positive things that can happen if you just relax and live life as it comes is one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever encountered in my life. But it brings good vibes. I try to focus on stuff I’m good at, like writing. I put all my anxiety, potential and maturity to work when I open my sketchbook or Word. Still, sometimes it’s not enough. I write positive post-it notes and stick them on my screen, I see cute wallpapers of dogs and landscapes and listen to music. These are the three things I run to when it becomes hard to remember life can be so much more and so much easier if I let it hit me instead of looking out in the dark, waiting for something to try to hit me before I can hit first.

4. Organize

Now, this is my ground, but I understand it can be a bitch for some people. I, as long as I can remember, always felt pleasure in seeing I was in control of things. If I feel bad about something, I write, read or learn about it – total Hermione. When I feel my life’s a big-ass mess, I organize my drawers, closet, notebooks, pay my bills on time, rename my files on Finder and make them look cute in coloured labels, and the list goes on. I just like to see I made a cute and functional environment from a piece of shit that was my room. It helps me to feel useful and makes room for more thinking, focusing and feeling happy. So this one’s a tip, and I know it sounds like a bad or difficult thing, but you should definitely try sometime.

5. Love

Don’t hate! Simple as that. You can be a simple person, but it’s not a simple task. You have to learn how to accept other people’s point of view, learn to see with their eyes, build empathy. I guess this is the most important thing to remember in this text. Empathy. Treat people right. Love people. Love what they do, feel their energy, train yourself to look up to someone you wouldn’t usually waste your time with. See the difference between prejudice and lack of ideal compatibility. Don’t make people suffer for nothing. Think of others and love others in order to love yourself. And this is the cosmos talking. Karma does hits you hard and you should be able to pet it so it pets you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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