A High School Friend Is Being Charged With Attempted Murder And, As A Medium, I’m Going To Use My Gifts To Help Her (Part Four)

Flickr, Gerry Dincher
Flickr, Gerry Dincher

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Here we are again…

After reading part three of this series, you now know there was a bloody, violent attack on my friend from high school and her boyfriend.

For part four, I am going to ask something of you, the reader. I want to ask you to imagine every single thing I say here…as if it were you. You are the one in this relationship. You are the one watching your lover get beat up. You are the one in shock and danger, walking in on three men in the middle of a robbery. You are the one with blood all over your hands. Your clothes. You have blood on the handle of your truck, the seats, the gear shift. You’re the one that not only thought you were going to die, but also that your significant other was going to die too.

Now, I want you to imagine every fight you have had with your lover. Every night where maybe too much alcohol is consumed and you end of fighting over absolutely stupid shit. Or text messages you may have sent in anger, hurt, insecurity. Imagine every single moment of your relationship — the good, bad, and ugly, now under the microscope. Have you ever sent a text message during a heated discussion with your partner that was ordinary fight stuff…but if you were now being accused of attempted murder, seems oh so much more ominous than ordinary? Is there any reaction you have ever had in a relationship that could be construed into something much more suspicious if looked at in a different light? In Alicia and Matthew’s case, messages like these were absolutely seldom.

We all, however, probably have at least one of these floating around in the ethers of text and email land. Lord, if I went on the street right now and grabbed some stranger’s phone to read their text messages…I bet every single person has some of those. Reactions. Over emotional responses. Insecurities. Accusations. What relationship does not experience at least some of this at some point in the journey? Why am I saying all of this? Simply to point out the obvious. If one day, you are walking along minding your own business and all the sudden you are surrounded by cops who arrest you. Confiscate your phone. Email. Facebook.

You are accused of trying to hurt your partner. Is there any message at all that could point to crazy? Any fight you ever had? Any heated words? What about any dirt at all? Maybe an ongoing conversation with someone other than your significant other? Or one they were having? Anything that could give motive? Purpose? Doubt that your relationship was anywhere near perfect? What if the police went around asking your neighbors if they saw anything unusual? Ever raise your voice loud enough in an argument for them to hear? Ever leave your home pissed off? Squeal wheels out of there? Ever look unhappy? Anything that could paint the picture darker than it is? Hmmm…

Let’s go back to the night of the attack. One person is severely injured. One is not. Is it that the attackers had some kind of manners? Taught not to hit a woman? Or is it that they went after the person that posed the threat to them, the male? The one with special ops training in the military? The one who knew how to defend himself? This is something the DA is going to try to hone in on. Alicia walked away with some scratches and abrasions. These are the only wounds that could be seen with the naked eye.

She was able to hit one of the attackers on the shoulder. Ironically, there are no pictures of that side of his body in evidence. Missing. Maybe never taken. Either way, one half of his bodies injuries are not in evidence. Did I mention that the audio to all of Alicia’s interviews are also missing?

Matthew was released from the hospital the Monday after the attack. Tuesday night, Alicia stayed with him until around two in the morning until she decided to go home and get some rest herself. That next morning, Matthew sent a text to her telling her he had not been able to sleep at all. He had nightmares and so, Alicia headed back over to his house at around 10 o’clock in the morning. She made him lunch with what little groceries he had and then she went grocery shopping for him. Once she got back to his apartment, she received a phone call that caused her to take off in a hurry from his apartment.

I am pretty sure that to anyone, that would seem like odd behavior. Until you hear what the phone call was about. After going through all of this trauma of the attack and the after affects of that, Alicia received that phone call saying her daughter had been kicked in the head by a horse and was unconscious. Her daughter was on her way to the ER and Alicia took off like a bat out of hell from Matthew’s apartment like any mother would do. She just came back over…she just made him lunch…she just went to the grocery store for him. She is dealing with her own trauma from the attack and she is also taking care of him. Now, she has her daughter on the way to the ER.

A friend of Alicia’s drove her to the hospital and right before they arrive, Alicia receives another phone call. This time, it is the police asking her to come to answer some questions for them. Alicia told them she couldn’t. She explained to them why, that her daughter was unconscious and on her way to the ER. She told them she would get in touch with them as soon as she could. Alicia’s daughter had a minor brain injury before and now she has been kicked in the head by a horse. This was three weeks before she was to leave to compete in an international event for the United States.

Alicia had to not only make sure her daughter was okay, but also that it was taken care of as best as it could be as to ensure that her daughter would still be able to compete in this once in a lifetime opportunity. Wouldn’t any mother tell the police to slow their roll until she knew how her daughter was doing? It is not often having your daughter be your first priority makes you look sketchy and like you are avoiding the police.

It took Alicia 48 whole hours after the first phone call from the police to meet with them face to face. The interview took about an hour. Basic questions like, what happened that day? Did she know any of the attackers? Did Matthew have any enemies? They ask Alicia to look at a line up and she starts to cry. Mostly because there were specific body parts she remembers most about the men. Arms being one of them. Eyes being another. It has been said that in violent attacks where weapons are used, many victims hone in on the weapon. Not the attacker. In this case, the attackers used their arms and objects as weapons. This is what Alicia remembers most.

The attack happened in July of 2014. It took Matthew about three weeks to physically recover. In September, he moved to a new place and asked Alicia for a true, fresh start. They spent Christmas and New Years together. Traveling to Vegas for a wedding. They saw the Grand Canyon. They were making plans for the fall, when Matthew would be going for training again. Whether they would do long distance, or Alicia would go with him. They rarely discussed the attack. Not because Alicia didn’t want to, but because most times Matthew didn’t want to. Alicia went to therapy to help cope with the trauma from that night. Matthew did not.

All this time passing, they never once heard from the police again. Until February of that next year…when Matthew got the call that defendant number one was going before a grand jury. They told him they would call him in a few days to let him know how it went. They never did.

Sometime in early May, Matthew calls Alicia to tell her he had met with the DA. He told her the first question they asked him was if he was okay. This infuriates Alicia. Where the hell had they been the last ten months? Not hearing a word from them. Never calling to check in or see how he was doing. Never giving him updates. No victim’s advocate help. Now all the sudden they are back in touch and asking questions again. Now very concerned for how he was and had been doing.

At the end of May, Alicia and Matthew went to lunch. Matthew was in good spirits, telling Alicia he had called the DA and that they were really ramping up their investigation. Matthew had been told arrests were going to be made in the following week. They talked abut the trial. Alicia asked him if he wanted her their with him at the trial. He went on to say that he would never demand or expect that of her, but if she could be there…he wanted her there.

The following week, no calls were made to Matthew or Alicia regarding the arrests. Alicia had to see it in the local news. Alicia was never questioned as a suspect. Her house was never searched. Nothing was ever brought up again…

Until July 30th, 2015, when Alicia stepped off a plane in Virginia after a vacation in South Africa. A place she loved and planned on visiting again at the end of the year with Matthew and her daughter. How is it one goes on vacation…enjoying the beauty and culture of another country, all the while being tagged a fugitive from justice? When she has no idea she is even a target of suspicion? She has never been questioned as a suspect, how would she know?

Can you imagine how the world must crash in all around you as you step off a plane…walk down that corridor and see U.S. Border Patrol staring you down as you walk towards them?

Alicia is arrested on the spot. In front of her children. She is not told why. What charges are against her. She didn’t even get to go in front of the Magistrate for four days because it was a holiday weekend.

Alicia spent a total of 12 days incarcerated in Virginia, until they decided to transport her back to her home state. She spent another ten days in jail there.

Transporting was a nightmare. Alicia stayed in a cell that had a cement bed with no sheets. She was in that tiny cell with two other women. One was a stripper and the other was the stripper’s 300 pound lover. Without caring Alicia was there, they made out in front of the toilet for over three hours. Actually, making out is the polite way of saying they did it. They had sex with each other feet away from Alicia.

Alicia had gone from successful woman with a beautiful home… a mother who had finished homeschooling both her children- one a pre-med student, the other an international award winning competitor…she went from this to sitting in a cement cell hearing two women go at it. Still not even aware of why she was even in that cell in the first place.

It took six days to even find out the charges against her.

Attempted first-degree murder.

Assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill.

Conspiracy to commit assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill inflicting serious injury.

Alicia’s bail was set at 500,000.00.

How did the DA come to this conclusion of the pin the tail on Alicia?

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