Unearthing The Mysterious Forces Behind The Lemp Mansion Hauntings

Flickr / Tyson Blanquart
Flickr / Tyson Blanquart

I was exhausted from holding a connection for that long. When I do readings on any level, I give myself breaks and unplug when I need to regain energy. This night, I did not and I paid for it that night and the next day. You must read M.J.’s live blog to get the full picture of what unfolded and our experience. Here is a snippet from it where I explain to M.J. why this family has experienced so much tragedy and why their spirits are not at rest. This is a VERY important piece of information, as I will go into later what happened once I got in touch with a Cherokee Shaman after M.J. and I connected on this night.

“There is most definitely a curse on the Lemp family directly tied to the home there. There was desecration when the [Cherokee] tunnels underneath were used for the business and brewery. Even more so with the Mansion built. The whole area. Numerous times this happened. With that, at first, I felt it was some form of entity that the curse placed an entity of sorts that slowly drove each one of them mad and tied to the home.

In the way it was shown to me, this curse itself is the driving force. If you can imagine so much focus, so much pure driven energy, toward one goal. That goal alone was the curse of this family. I also got it was for several generations. Like an actual number was chosen…and it was to be on them, the living Lemps…until the last one died out. Male that is. It all has to do with the male lineage. With that, part of this curse is none of them, and I do mean none of them may cross over. They are all there. Even ones who did not die at the mansion. They all come back to it once they have passed and this is where they stay and remain.

I also received instruction not to try and change that. Not to try and help. This is way bigger than me or anyone to even try to change or free them. There needs to be a Shaman …someone who can come there and in a way, negotiate with the ancestors that placed this curse. That is what I see in my mind’s eye. An actual negotiation taking place from someone from this descent that can connect in respect with those ancestors and try to get them to budge. Have mercy. I am not qualified to do this, nor is it any of my business to even try. At least that is what I have been told. To stay out of it.

Also, this only concerns the actual family. Bloodline. Not wives. Not husbands. The curse does not touch people who come and stay there. It does not touch anyone but that family.

It needs to be explained. Not only for the Natives who feel they were desecrated and disrespected…but also for the family, who has had so much tragedy and darkness. It is a very sad reality. It also helps us to understand more about the power of the ancestors…curses on lands and people involving that. I believe with my heart that these things can be lifted. It just takes the right spiritual guide/leader that knows what they are doing and that has the ear and respect of those ancestors.”

After our night of live blogging, I could not find peace in just “letting it go” and taking the stance that there was nothing I could do about it. In a miracle of synchronicity, I received a message from a friend of mine who is also a medium, telling me about her having just met a Cherokee Shaman. This is in Louisiana. I immediately knew this was a chance to reach and and see what could be done. I sent all the information and what I had received myself from guides and spirits and I received a response back from the Shaman. This is very powerful and made every hair on my body stand up when I read the words. Here is what the Shaman offered as information and guidance as to the plight of the Lemp Family.

It was owned by Native Americans in that area. A shaman in that area that knows the tribe’s history needs to be called. The Native Americans are at war on that property because they lost everything they had due to alcohol. The Lemps got them drunk, then got them to sign papers and deeds of which they did not understand. In return, they gave them guns and alcohol. Turning their sacred place, including tunnels into the wicked stuff that took everything away. This is a slap in the face to them. They will not let their spirits rest because the Native Americans cannot rest either. Someone who is passed, from the Lemp Family, needs to make a sincere and formal apology.

As long as the the house or grounds still make beer, it may be very hard for them to make peace. A saging ceremony and a pipe ceremony need to take place after the apology. ANY REENACTMENTS AND HAUNTED GHOST TOURS WOULD HAVE TO STOP (I sense this could be a problem). Their account of what truly happened in history is wrong according to my guides. Blessing may calm it down, but unless the Native American spirits are put to rest, the rest of the Lemp spirits can’t go either. They died at the hand of the Native Americans. In other words, this is not an easy fix. They need to find a tribe in the area that can still speak to them in their native tongue. Then bring the medium in that can help them cross over.

I then asked for confirmation from the Shaman that what I received in information from my own guides and the spirits about these not all being suicides and that they were driven to suicide and madness by this curse was correct. I received this confirmation: “Yes, they were driven to suicide and some killed by the Native Americans. They tormented them until they killed themselves. History is wrong. That question would be best answered by the tribe in that area.”

How in the world do we go about doing this? I can’t really see the owners of the Lemp Mansion stopping all the haunted tours and such. I am sure it draws a large amount of people there. How do I, a person in Oregon, track down a Shaman in that area that speaks the native tongue? As well as get one of the Lemps to formally apologize for what they did?

All I know is that they are not letting me rest. The night before last, I physically had the comforter on my bed lift up and something hit my ankle and drop the comforter back down. I jumped out of my skin, which woke my boyfriend up. I immediately saw a flash of Billy’s face (he is a gnarly man) and as soon as his face flashed? A flash came of a Cherokee Indian with war paint on. They both are coming. I somewhat feel that the Cherokee presented himself as protection to me. Billy is angsty pants central. He has sociopathic ways and was a violent and cruel person of intention in a lot of areas. I have said this and he does not like that I say it. In which I always respond back, “Okay…if you can honestly say that anything I have said about how you behaved in your life is untrue, then I apologize for it.” I always feel him back down…because if there is anything Billy enjoyed, it was someone to mess with. He still does.

I will keep you posted here on what transpires. My plans for the next steps to this process are to write the current Lemp Mansion owners an email or letter explaining  every bit of this. I hope they will be on board to help bring the Lemp Family and the Natives to peace. TC mark

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