Unearthing The Mysterious Forces Behind The Lemp Mansion Hauntings

Flickr / Chris Yunker
Flickr / Chris Yunker

I don’t even know where to start with this one. I feel so much pressure to get this information out to the public, in hopes that it might set a plan in motion how to best help the spirits of the Lemp family members’ suffering…and I do mean suffering as they hang in the balance between the living and the afterworld.

Yes, I said the Lemp family.

If you follow haunted locations at all, you will have heard of this family and the famously haunted mansion that still resides in St. Louis, Missouri to this day. If you follow history, you  will have heard about the The Lemp Family and all of their beermaking glory starting back in the 1800s.

I became involved in this piece of haunted history through a series of events. A wonderfully talented writer named M.J. Pack contacted me to ask me if I could read a live blog she wrote from a night that she stayed in the haunted Lemp Mansion. She asked specifically if I picked anything up from her night there. I tuned in and yes, I did see and feel a lot of different things about her stay in the mansion. It was then that M.J. asked if I would be willing to take part in a live session at the Lemp Mansion and I didn’t even hesitate to say yes to that invitation.

In case this is your first time reading my posts, I do a lot of things in life. One of those things is talk to the dead. I am a medium and have been since childhood. I mostly volunteer my time to missing person’s cases and working with the families of those missing. A majority of my gift is donated. So when I began to tune into the Lemp family and feel them and their pain, I had to take part in M.J.’s live blog. I have never done anything of that nature before this…meaning connecting with a live person from a remote distance, as they stay in a haunted room. I just figured, if I can connect with a spirit when I call them forward…why wouldn’t I be able to connect with them this way?

It was exhausting. Absolutely exhausting from the get-go. The night before the scheduled live event, I received a visit from many of the Lemp family members while attempting to sleep. Here is what came to me.

The first was a woman’s hand and wrist that had several bracelets on it. Not sure who that belongs to, although the next night when M.J. was at the mansion, she sent me a picture of a chunky gold bracelet they was on display that belonged to William “Billy” Lemp, JR.’s wife, Eleanor.

The second thing I saw was a mirror — a very vintage mirror with gold framing. Parts of the mirror were smoked and distorted and other parts were dotted with dark speckles — where the mirror had aged. I wasn’t sure if this mirror was hanging in the house or if it was in the house (such as the attic) and not used. Either way, the spirits use this mirror to communicate…big time. They use this mirror all the time to be seen. When M.J. spent the night the next night, she found the mirror in what is now the dining area…which is where William “Billy” Lemp, JR. “took his life.”

What I saw third was the house — I was inside it. I was in a room made up of mostly mauve colors. Mauve walls…wallpaper maybe…floral patterns in the room too. The room M.J. stayed in was mauve.

Next, I saw a young man in his 20s. He was tall (I was looking up at him) and lanky, and had a set of golden dark blonde hair to light brown hair. It was crazy because he said hello to me as he passed me and I said, “Wait…you can see me?” and he said. “Why, yes. Of course I can.” and I said back to him, “Usually they can’t see me when I do this.” H said, “…well, I can.” The young man poked me to show me he could feel me and I felt his poke. What I remember next was he went over to the corner of the room, took what looked to be thick phone like cord, like ones you would plug into a wall and there was this contraption dolly-like thing he had made with the window, and he proceeded to hang himself. I was distraught at the sight and all of a sudden, a woman came forward from nowhere and explained me that he does this every night. “What do you mean he does this every night?” I asked. The woman replied, “He relives his death every night.”  She went on to tell me he “comes down” at dawn. Creepy.

The fifth person I saw was Charles Lemp. I looked into the mirror from my second vision when he came forth. He was serious faced and stern, but did not say a word to me. He just wanted me to know that he knows what I am doing with this.

And finally, I saw a fireplace and there were family heirlooms such as small paintings, letters, papers, and pictures all burning in this fireplace. It has significant energy around it. It has been said that many of the paintings and family documents were destroyed in fire, at the request of the last male descendent left of the Lemp Family.

  • I was nervous for most of the day for two reasons:
  • These spirits are intense.

I have never done something like this before and wanted to be at my best for the spirits and for M.J. too.

As soon as M.J. and I tried to start our live session, we were plagued with technical malfunctions left and right. We, after over an hour of trying, finally got Periscope to work. You can read and view the entire night and all of its findings here.

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