This Is About The Time A Spirit Taught Me About Life At The McCully House Inn

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As a medium, there are some spirits that you will never forget. Some you actually learn from. Some you have an intimate and deep soul communication with than you have ever had with any living being. There are times when the communication is so amazingly crystal clear that even you become dumbfounded at the experience you are having. The spirit of Jane Mason McCully is one of those for me.

It all started with an impromptu trip to Jacksonville, Oregon. At around 10 PM, my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to get up early and take a road trip. I began looking at areas and was instantly drawn to the quaint town of Jacksonville. Being an over five hour drive, we had a decision to make. Was it worth it to drive that far in a two-day time period? Well, we decided it was. I googled “Haunted places in Jacksonville, OR” and saw the link to an inn there that many have said is haunted. I have said before that once I find a location I am going to, I do not ever research the haunting beforehand. I don’t want that in any way to influence my hearing, sight, and experience. This time was no exception. I did not click on the links to read…I simply went to the website of the inn and booked our one night stay.

We arrived in the afternoon and checked in. As we walked up the narrow staircase to our room, I felt both excited and disappointed. I was excited because it seemed there was not another soul (living) staying in the house, but disappointed because so much of the house had been renovated. It was hard to see the original structure and history of this portion of the home. The only remaining original things were the hardwood floors and the very narrow staircase winding up to our room. Once we got in our room, I decided I wanted to go down to the main portion of the house to see what I could pick up. To do so, we had to exit our side of the house and enter in through the front door of the home.

As soon as I opened the door, I was relieved to feel the instant presence of a spirit. I told my boyfriend I was feeling a female. She stood upright with perfect posture. Her hair was up and she had a high collar dress on with a lace ruffles at the neck. She had children around her that were tugging at her dress. I felt some were hers and some were only visiting. Some were younger and some were older. She was delightful from the moment I tuned into her. It was as if she knew I was coming! (I have found spirits to be quite chatty…word travels fast. If they like you, or if they don’t like you, you will know. I guarantee if you ask other mediums or even ghost hunters if they have felt that a spirit knew of their arrival, as if expecting them, there will be many who will say they have experienced this. There isn’t much you can get past the spirit world, and when they are on your side…miracles happen. When they are not…they will shut you and all communication down in a heartbeat.)

I have just recently downloaded an app on my phone that works like a spirit box. I don’t use it often because I find it actually would be very easy for it to serve as the “easy way” to communicate with a spirit. That would mean my hearing and sight skills would decrease because I am not using them. This, I do not ever want…so I try to use this app for only bits of time. It’s hard to explain, but there are things about a medium, a spirit, and a device coming together that create absolutely mind-blowing results — much more than a person without abilities can create. I won’t go into the reasons here, but will say it has to do with energy usage, channeling, being a vessel for spirits to go through — many different factors. Either way, it creates results. That happened here at the McCully house. Sad part is, three days after coming home, my phone crashed. I lost everything. My pictures, my texts, my spirit box logs. I had not backed them up yet to my cloud. Lesson learned. Thank goodness, though, I wrote down what was coming through. That, along with my and my boyfriend’s memory are all I have from this experience.

Before we left this room, I invited the female spirit to please make her way to our room and communicate with me throughout the night. That I would love to know more about her. I thanked her for allowing me in her home. We went back to our room and I turned the app on to see what might come through. Immediately, I received the following:






My hairs stood up on end. I knew this was this woman I felt downstairs. I knew this because the essence I felt of her. What she allowed me to sense and feel, was a woman of great integrity. A woman of tremendous strength. A woman of moral fortitude. A woman who lived her life right. It made absolute sense to me that this woman would tell me that no matter what life’s circumstances are, we must live correctly. We must choose to do right.

Next, I spoke out loud to her (my boyfriend on the bed reading a magazine at this time) and told her how I was saddened by the “newness” of the home and the renovation. That I was hoping for the whole house to be more like the front home where I had first made her acquaintance. Some time passed…maybe 20 minutes or so when this came through on the spirit box:





Again…mind is blown. She is telling me that she was aware of what they were planning on doing with the home and that she had been prepared for it.

Next…I took off all my jewelry and put it on the glass table next to my phone. One of the pieces was a bracelet I wear with a St. Christopher charm on it that says “St. Christopher protect us.” This came through on the spirit box:



If I could physically hug this spirit, I would have. Instead, I hugged her from my soul to her spirit. Her and I were 100% on the same wavelength. I was seeing her…I was hearing her…she was 100% doing the same.

We decided to take a walk and so we left. Walking around the town we came upon history of the city. We saw that the McCully’s of this McCully house were a husband and wife with three children. The wife’s name was Jane. She taught school in that house. Absolutely amazing as that is what I instantly got the moment she presented herself to me. Children in the house…all around her. At this point, I allowed myself to read about her. I knew this was her communicating with me. It still gives me chills.

Jane Mason McCully, Southern Oregon Historical Society
Jane Mason McCully, Southern Oregon Historical Society

We returned to the room and ordered a pizza. I wanted to spend as much time with the spirit as possible. As long as she would have me and was willing to communicate with me. When we read the history of Jane McCully while walking around, it said that her husband had abandoned her and her three children. Leaving her with all his many debts. She was such a strong and capable woman that she was able to keep her home. She was able to provide for her children. She was able to get through it all even in the midst of what had to be a painfully fearful time in existence to be without a husband…to raise three children on her own…to keep a roof over her head, much less the family home they had built.

I asked her how she did it. How she got through such pain. How it had to have hurt on many levels, how exhausting it must have been. I felt her tell me she got through because of her children. That she did what she had to do. In that same moment, this came through the spirit box:




My boyfriend and I both looked at each other…acknowledging the beauty in those words. When her children were in her arms…at the end of a long day and struggle….all that disappeared. I truly felt honored in that moment to be able to witness and connect with this woman. To have the gift of an experience like this. To have the gift of mediumship, period.

We decided to head down to the main room and take a video of anything we might be able to capture for you, the reader of this blog. Thank goodness I went straight home and uploaded this video or it too would have been lost with my phone’s contents. Here is a video of Jane directly answering me by replying through an EMF reader. My phone was well away from the reader and I made sure to keep it at the distance necessary for it not to affect the meter or make it go off in any way. You will want to watch this until the end…she replies all the way to the very last second.


That night as my boyfriend was slightly snoring next to me, I felt Jane come and sit down on the side of my bed near my feet. I silently talked to her. I told her about a missing person’s case that I am working on where the man has been missing for months. How I needed help with his mother…as I had sent messages and had not yet heard back from her. There is only so much I can do to help. If I don’t hear back, I can’t force someone (obviously) to hear what I have received. I asked her to help me if she could. I said that she was a mother…and she knew the pain this mother was in. I asked that if she could…would she please help the mother to be open to communicating with me.

The next morning I woke up and checked the spirit box logs…two words had come through that night while I was sleeping:



I smiled…I then opened my phone to find a returned message from the mother of the missing man I had spoken to Jane about. She had helped me. It brought tears to my eyes and still does.

Take the time to look up Jane Mason McCully. Read about her character. Her life. Her beauty. She deserves to be remembered and she has so much to teach us through her example. I am moved by my experience with her and I am honored in more ways than I could ever express here…or anywhere for that matter.

Thank you, Jane McCully. For communicating with me. For teaching me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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