Re-Examining My Experiences At The Geiser Grand Hotel

Photo provided by the author.
Photo provided by the author.

I have been waiting to write this post for a long time now. I finally feel it is time for me to put into words some things that have been transpiring in me…or shall I say, transmuting in me since my not so pleasant paranormal experience at the Geiser Grand Hotel.

First, I would like to share an EVP that was found in the recordings after my post about the Geiser Grand Hotel. If you read it, you know that I decided to not listen to the remaining hours left of my recorded time at the hotel. Thankfully, a wonderful lady named Jenn Morin of Paranormal Investigators of Idaho offered to go through the rest. This is what she found.

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What is most interesting about this EVP is that I had many people who speak Farsi tell me he is saying “Kiss,” or “Kisses.” You can also hear his accent. My boyfriend begins to be disturbed in his sleep and you will hear that first — him moving about — then you will hear the voice.

In my original post, I explained the excruciating headache and the prodding I felt as well as my own personal visual experiences with one particular entity there.

Since the stay, I have experienced this same type of headache and electrical prodding here and there. One day, it lasted a full 24 hours. I am not one to get headaches and I have never had a migraine.

When I started getting the headaches, I decided to go get an essential oil. This one has several ingredients and is for the head — the main ingredient being lavender. When the pain would start, I would whip that bottle out and take a deep breath of it. I would rub it on my right temple and it helped! I decided to try something else. When the pain would start, I would stop what I was doing and meditate. The pain would then go away.

This routine lasted for over a month. I have had no problems since.

In meditating, I remembered what had happened to me back in that room on the third floor of the Geiser Grand Hotel. The spirit I came into contact with was very strong. If you listen to the EVPs, you can sense this. The way he manifested himself to me, where we met that night, and his energy meeting mine; it was too much frequency for me. It was too strong for my third-dimensional body.

After that, any time I would try to do my medium work, that place in my right temple would hurt. I would have to stop and make sure I didn’t go too far into it. Since this time, I feel I have been going through what I can only describe as an upgrade. My skills have become even more attuned. My gifts have sharpened. My desire to meditate and take better care of myself, increased. I am transitioning to a higher frequency in my own life. Since recognizing this and taking appropriate self care, my headaches have stopped.

So maybe this spirit didn’t mean to cause me harm that night. Maybe it was more like a big giant dog wanting to play like a chihuahua — it just didn’t know any better. Maybe not. I am not calling it back to find out.  All I know is that I feel I have a better understanding of it and I am feeling much better myself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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