I Drove Past Blue Ridge Drive In Oregon And I Experienced Something Truly Out Of This World

Photo provided by the author.

I am going to try and tell this story in the most accurate and minimal wording possible. Not only to hold you, the reader’s attention, but also to do this moment justice, without crowding it with supernatural fluff or explanation. If it starts to sound like a folklore tale…I am to blame for this. I am still on a bit of a supernatural high from the photo captured and the information obtained after my visit. I will share these in a bit. First, how I got here in the first place.

My boyfriend and I were on our way to Astoria when a geocache came up on the map and we decided to stop and try to find it. If you are unaware what geocaching is, check out this link if you are curious.

We turned down Blue Ridge Drive and I felt my hair immediately stand up on end. At first, I talked myself into the most sensible (even though I am a medium…I still try and shoot for the logic first) thing I could think of. This was an absolutely abandoned area. It looks like a fallout shelter. In fact, the name of the geocache hidden there has “fallout shelter” in its title.

It makes Deliverance look like Disney.

We parked our car in the street (I mean, hey…no one is coming down these roads any time soon). My boyfriend got out of the car with his GPS and made his way toward the geocache while I got out and stood frozen in the street. I literally felt children — small children — wrapping their arms around both my legs.

My boyfriend comes walking back over and can tell I am deep in the “zone.” He asked me what was wrong and I looked at him and said, “There are children here…and something very bad happened to them.”

That was last year.

This weekend, we headed back to Astoria and I had the bright idea of revisiting Deliverance world. I wanted to see if I felt a shift in the energy – if I could still see, feel, and hear the children there.

We did the same thing — we parked on the street and I asked my boyfriend if he could take some good photos of the house. I started to talk to the spirits. I asked them if they remembered me. I immediately felt the children. Then I felt a male presence. I am recording as this is happening, on my Zoom H1. You can hear me address the children…and then you can hear where my total tone changes and I address the man. I even say, “This is your land, huh? You don’t want us here? Want us to go away?”

I am speaking out loud trying to help the spirits know that they don’t have to stay here. They don’t have to guard this land. That they can go to better and more peaceful planes of existence. I called in Archangel Michael to help escort the children into light, to free from this godforsaken neighborhood. The whole time, the only sound you can hear is the whipping wind and the sound of what seems to be a cow bell. It is ringing over and over…as if whatever is wearing it is walking around. At this point, I decide I am ready to leave…but not before my boyfriend takes a picture of me in the midst of my discussions with spirits, angels, and guides. This is what he captured and to this moment, it gives me complete goose bumps.

Photo provided by the author.
Photo provided by the author.

Do you see the angel wings? Can you see the white shadow of an arm to the right of my back? My hands are clasped in front of me. Can you see the white beam of light going into the top of my head?

Now I am going to outline something else I see. Can you see the dark figure to the left of me? His side profile? His forehead, nose, mouth.  His chin is up towards the sky…almost in defiance. You can make out his neck and shoulder.  I have outlined it here in purple, much larger than the figure, as to not draw over its outline.

Photo provided by the author.
Photo provided by the author.

So we leave and drive straight forward…going no more than 30 or 50 feet. when we see where the bell noise was coming from.

Of course, a goat tied to a tree with a cowbell on…in the middle of nowhere.

Photo provided by the author.
Photo provided by the author.

Here are a few more photos of the inside of one of the abandoned houses. I can see orbs, can you?

Photo provided by the author.
Photo provided by the author.
Photo provided by the author.
Photo provided by the author.

When we got back to the hotel, my boyfriend was determined to research and find out what happened in this neighborhood and on this property. He eventually found this article, which states two children died in a house fire here. Along with a murder in this neighborhood, there were cases of sex abuse, prostitution, a drug ring. You name it, it happened here.

After years of experiences that I could not even begin to describe or put into detail, it amazes me how I still get moved. I am absolutely floored and humbled at these mind-blowing experiences. To see what I believe is a feminine guardian angel standing with me, mediating my conversation with something no longer of this world. To know we are watched after, that angelic guidance and protection is given to us so lovingly and strongly, this moves me much deeper than I would ever be able to express here, in words, in this lifetime. I knew this in my heart already, to be able to see it with physical eyes. I am GRATEFUL!

If you are ever in the Astoria, Oregon area — Blue Ridge Drive — you just have to feel it to believe it. TC mark

This post originally appeared at The Closet Clairvoyant.


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