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If You’re Looking For A Sign To Reach Out To Someone, This Is It

Losing someone who has had such an impact in your life is so very painful. We get lost for words, our hearts ache, tears are never ending because we wish we could have just one more moment with them.

Whenever a beautiful soul from your life grows their very own angel wings and leaves this earth, is a reminder that connection with one another will always be the most powerful energy of all.

It’s natural in life that people go their own ways and lose touch, but I personally don’t want to make “life” an excuse anymore, because when we lose someone, it’s only then that we realize how significant they were and how we only wish we had more time.

Connection can mean so many things to every individual, and as time goes on, phone calls are less important and texting, posting, or a follow on all socials has taken its place.

Now in saying this, I do have close friends all over the world and social media has made it much easier and a faster way to keep in touch. But here’s what I feel. When you get to actually speak to someone, hear their voice, feel their energy, it strengthens the feeling of connection so much more.

Let’s not wait until we find an important reason to call someone, like sharing big news or some sort of announcement. A quick “Hello, how are you?” is sometimes all it takes. Human connection is what we thrive on. It strengthens us spiritually and emotionally. Don’t allow life to take you away from the true essence of connection.

If we have time to check our socials, we have time for a phone call or a catch up for coffee. Connection works both ways, of course, in all parts of our lives, be it friendships, romantic connections, or business. Either way, they all have the same and equal relevance.

Let’s change the pattern that seems to be forming and know that real connection starts from within and what you are choosing to prioritize. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’re left wishing and hoping. Check in on your friends, loved ones, colleagues, or whomever it may be. Tell your loved ones you love them and how much they mean to you. Be open and honest with your communication. You might just be the very reason someone smiles for the rest of the day or goes to bed with their hearts content.

It’s the little gestures that can do so much for the soul. It is a great reminder for all of us to stop for a minute and check in with yourself and your circle of people.

For anyone who has lost someone in their lives, know that they may not be here in the physical form but they are always here with you spiritually. Send them love in your prayers each day, because we may not be able to hear them, but we can feel them, and they do hear our prayers. You may even receive a sign or two knowing that they are here with you and around you.

All you have to do is connect.

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