A Thank You To The Only Girl To Ever Break My Heart

Allef Vinicius
Allef Vinicius

Truly, you will never really know who will come into your life and change it. Both the happiness and the pain caused by our relationships with people will teach us a lot about people, loving, and living.

In this case, I have learned a lot from someone I have not met personally but I have heard about for years because she has been my husband’s ex-girlfriend and continued to be his friend after their breakup. Never did I expect that she will leave this hole in my heart- a hole where I buried most of my weaknesses and hurts to make way for another beginning. No matter what, I am still thankful for how this girl drastically changed my life and painfully taught me many great things that make me the wiser and stronger person I am today.

Thank you for these great lessons:

Life is sometimes unfair but it is our response that makes the difference. One day, we find ourselves having the best in life, one day we may feel we have none. Life is truly unpredictable and what we need to do is guard ourselves with the wisdom to make decisions guided by the words of God.

Love is more than emotion and physical attraction. It is a decision, devotion, and action. Feelings change and we sometimes feel that we get tired of being in the same situation and being with the same people for a long time. We feel the need for some things more exciting. But the commitment that we have with those we love should lead us back.

Love does not brag. It does not boast neither highlight our ego and insecurities. I regret your urge to showcase your and my son’s father’s affection for each other publicly and even digitally, but I just hope to remind you that loving makes our hearts big, not our heads. It helps us choose to be spiritually mature.

Love does not make us do untoward things, rather it makes us the best that we can be. Love will never allow us to be unrighteous. It chooses not to destroy the ones we love.

So to this girl, I do not envy you. Who am I to ask for more when the Lord provides more than enough?

To this girl, I thank you for teaching me that there is more to life than loving and devoting oneself for one person. Thank you for allowing yourself to be an instrument who taught us what love is and what it is not; how not to live life and how not to do wrong to others.

To this girl, I forgive you, even if you do not ask for it. The best for my son for now is not for our family to stay together but for his environment to be healthy, safe, and happy; that means allowing his father to grow maturely. I hope that you be a good influence towards that state.

As what is said, we should leave to the Lord the justice that needs to be served. So finally, to this girl, I pray for you. And I ask the Lord to be gentle with his wrath. I pray that we all allow God to transform our lives today and forever. Lastly, I pray for you to learn to love my husband truly, purely so that the pain that lingers, despite the wound gone, is made more worthwhile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I am Amy. I am a strong mother of an adorable little boy. I am a kidney patient in remission. I am a survivor, a lover of life, a development communicator, and a believer of God.

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