It’s Okay If The Love Of Your Life Isn’t Another Person

Once upon a time, you absorbed the notion that you have a single soulmate out there in the world, waiting for you. You’re not sure where the idea originated — maybe from a book or a movie, or maybe someone told you it was so. You began to believe that you needed to find this person or your love life would never reach its potential. If they did not materialize, you could not consider yourself whole.

Now, as you move along your journey, reality sets in. Maybe there’s not one single soulmate for you, and that’s okay. In a way, it opens up your horizons to varied opportunities. You’ve learned that love isn’t always what you think it’ll be. It doesn’t have to manifest in a certain way. Even if it isn’t a lasting romance, you always learn and grow from the experience. Sure, you’re a bit disillusioned because your ideals were shattered, but that’s part of growing up.

With every ending, you begin looking inward. You take time away from love, realizing you need to figure out who you are when you aren’t searching for someone else to distract you. You’re not sure anymore if you have one true love or many or none at all. Instead of constantly reaching for a person who will satisfy you, you start to learn about yourself and what you truly want from life.

In time, you actually enjoy being on your own. You realize that discomfort means you’re evolving and that you don’t need a partner in order to experience your life to the fullest. You appreciate every little idiosyncrasy that makes you a unique individual. The best day you’ll ever have is the day that you look in the mirror and understand that the true love of your life is right there, smiling back at you.

It was you all along. You were always enough. The world tricked you into believing otherwise.

You become whole entirely within yourself. For the first time, you’re truly happy, because you understand that love from another source isn’t meant to save you. It’s a complement to the self-love you now embody proudly. You’re in a place where you need no one else, and that is when you are finally ready to love someone in a healthy way.

If you find a partner, wonderful. If you don’t, you’ll be perfectly fine. That’s the best position you could possibly experience both mentally and emotionally. Not meeting someone will not disappoint you so badly and losing someone will no longer break you. You worked through your harmful patterns and discovered a world of acceptance and joy.

You only get this one life. There’s no point in spending it dissatisfied with who you are and what you have. Now that you realize the preciousness of your short time on this earth, you are no longer willing to waste it yearning over romance, regrets, and lost love. Instead you choose, every single day, to appreciate the person you are and the life you possess right here and now.

You’re your own damn love of your life. And that’s a beautiful thing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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