15 Little Ways To Turn On Your Partner Without Getting Naked

15 Little Ways To Turn On Your Partner Without Getting Naked

There are many facets to attraction and oftentimes the precursors to sex are much more important when it comes to creating chemistry. These are just a few ideas for developing better intimacy with your partner and therefore setting the stage for an incredible physical connection:

1. Leave them sassy notes.

It’s a fun form of foreplay to use words to spark the imagination. Your notes don’t have to be super racy to be sexy. Simply initiate the flirtation and let the buildup develop naturally from there.

2. Compliment them generously.

Nothing feels better than receiving genuine praise, so heap it on. You obviously appreciate this person, and feeling cared for is a huge turn-on. You can inspire intense sensuality simply by bestowing verbal affection.

3. Talk about your (other) passions.

It’s hot when the person you’re with is passionate about their interests, their career, and their life in general. Having a simple conversation about what fires both of you up in other facets of your worlds can be a powerful mental sexual stimulant.

4. Touch each other with affection, always.

The important physical gestures are the little ones – holding hands, brushing hair away from your partner’s face, and other simple loving moments of touch. When a person knows they are secure, safe and loved, the sexual side of the relationship is always positively impacted.

5. Send them suggestive photos.

Of course you can flirt in ways that aren’t quite so innocent too. The level of what you reveal is up to you, but photos can be quite powerful when it comes to sexual chemistry. Show just enough to titillate the imagination.

6. Expand your minds together.

Sometimes the sexiest thing you can do is share an amazing conversation. Get deep, really deep, and notice how that new level of intense communication ups your game in all other ways as well.

7. Show them tenderness and vulnerability.

The sexiest thing that you can do in a relationship is to let yourself be vulnerable. That shows your partner that you trust them with your heart, which means that you trust them with your body as well – and that leads to crazy amazing sex.

8. Laugh with them – a lot.

Laughter is sexy as hell! If you and your partner can’t laugh together, what are you even doing? Sharing a sense of humor and having a healthy appreciation for your partner’s wit are both huge aphrodisiacs.

9. Ask for their input.

One of the best ways to stoke your partner’s sexual appetite is to show that you appreciate them, and a great way to do that is to demonstrate that you value their opinion and ideas. It’s flattering, it’s empowering, and it puts you on equal footing – all incredibly important to the health of your sex life.

10. Have a fun, flirty makeout session.

No removal of clothing allowed! Sometimes it’s nice to go back to the early days before the two of you even had sex yet, when everything was fresh and new and you couldn’t wait to finally get to that point. Bring back those feelings by building tensions with a clothes-on, handsy AF kiss-a-thon.

11. Break a sweat together.

Working out together is a turn-on in so many ways. You create a ton of endorphins. You feel more positive about your body, which makes it more fun to share it with someone else. You develop a sense of teamwork with your partner through encouragement and working towards goals. It’s super sexy.

12. Give each other slow, intense massages.

This is a great way to not only demonstrate affection and tenderness, but also to build up sexual tension before the actual deed. Massage creates an environment where you have to get acquainted with someone’s body in a more intimate way than you might on a daily basis.

13. Share in relaxing rituals together.

Sometimes pampering yourselves together is just as hot as getting it on. When you feel better in your body and soul, it naturally follows that the sex will improve as well. Indulge in relaxation together and reap the benefits.

14. Show each other new pieces of your world.

Exploring together is hugely sensual, and revealing new parts of yourself to someone who thinks they know you pretty well is also sexy. Showing off hidden facets of who you are can be very sexually enticing.

15. Take time to sit together and just be.

You’d be surprised at the positive effect that the ability to simply spend time around someone and feel wholly yourself has on your sex life. If you can exist in your true nature in the same space as another person, you will also feel wholly comfortable exploring your sexuality together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Speak your truth. Be kind. Stay present. And don’t forget to play!

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