No Matter What You Deserve To Speak Your Truth

spekaing your truth
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It sounds simple enough – and sometimes, it is. When everyone around you agrees and supports you, when you meet with no hatred or opposition, speaking from your soul is powerful and uplifting – a true boost of your inner self. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily an easy thing to do, but it does mean that you experience positive reinforcement for having the strength to show your authenticity. This encourages you to continue.

But what about the instances – which will occur more often than not – when your truth is not received with praise and affection? It is a lot harder to stand up, speak out and keep going when you become targeted for simply having the strength to be yourself. You know that you’re doing the right thing because you struck a nerve with people who turn out not to be very nice.

The question is whether you have the willpower and self-confidence to continue on in the face of vitriol and opposition.

This is what makes speaking your truth powerful – it inspires fear in those who do not understand you. Your strength and courage is exactly what they lack, and because they are afraid, they lash out. Mostly, nowadays, they do so with comments on the internet and social media – a despicable yet all too common act of cowardice. Apparently it’s quite easy to fling about horribly hurtful sentiments when you aren’t face to face with someone. It’s a depressing reality that you must deal with in the modern world if you are going to take any sort of strong stance.

It requires steely resolve to stand firm in the face of such attacks. Constant, directly aimed hate will weaken even the strongest person over time if they let it get to them. It can become so overwhelming that you may think your truth is no longer worth the backlash it attracts. You must remember – there is a reason this is happening, and the reason is not that you are an awful human being deserving of hatred. You are not the one attacking others. You are not the one trying to tear someone else down. You are simply shining your light and the unique qualities you possess out into the world.

They react this way because they are afraid. They are jealous that you can be your true self with apparent ease, because they have never felt able to do so themselves. They are unhappy and filled with hate and insecurity and they don’t know why, so they take it out on whoever seems like the easiest target. You, beautiful, open human, are an easy target because you are brave enough to be vulnerable for the world to see.

Don’t let petty, frightened adversaries dim your shine. Take a moment, breathe, and remember who you are.

Remember why you took a stand in the first place. Remember that the world needs leaders like you, people who are willing to deal with dissent and even active hatred because in the end your courage will make a difference.

Speak your truth because you understand, unlike your critics, that fear is the true enemy. Never let it win. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Speak your truth. Be kind. Stay present. And don’t forget to play!

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