10 Things I’ve Learned In My 27 Years

stephanie vee
stephanie vee


Our manners can either make or break our social outlook. It is not our education, background and definitely not money we possess which makes us “us”. It is our humbleness, politeness and attitude that define us.


“Ignorance is bliss” – definitely true. But don’t ignore the proverb. We must know exactly how much to take and how much to ignore.


We can’t expect everything to go on as we wish every time. Walking over it 100 times will not change anything. The sooner we accept, the sooner we can figure out a way to make it straight.


It is never too late to start anything new.


Everyone can have quarter-life crisis where life seems to be messed up in all possible ways. Perhaps the story might vary.


Having a hobby can make your life more relaxed and fun-filled.


There is no need to please anyone. We just need to be honest with ourselves and know where we are heading.


Savings accounts are definitely important. Might not be a huge amount. But at least some.


Taking care of body and body parts are always important. Especially regular body and mind exercises.


Dreams do come true. With some little planning, little faith and quite good amount of smart work can be the right recipe for any delicious dream. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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