Sometimes The People Who Hurt You Will Be The Ones Who Help You Grow

As charming as life is, it gives us its endless lessons on matters of the heart. They’re sometimes bittersweet, but they’re always there to help us connect the dots. Among many lessons is our outlook and attitude towards the people who come in and out of our lives. We all have our share of people who have impacted us in one way or another, like waves that helped us remain afloat or that squished our face to the bottom of the sea.

It is inevitable that some people stay in our lives while some leave. Some hurt us to the core and some plant seeds in our ever-blossoming garden of a heart. And some do both. That is one truth of life. No matter how much you try to shelter your heart, life will still happen.

Therefore, I invite you to enjoy the experience and to try to learn from it. Perhaps the people who frustrate you are there to help you with your patience. Perhaps the bullies are there to remind of how important it is to stand up for yourself. Perhaps the wrong partners are there to teach you what the right one feels like. Perhaps the wrong friends are there to encourage you to seek the right ones for your growth. They are there to show you everything you are not and everything you desire to become and have.

Some people will only be there to cheer you on for a while, while others will be there for the whole journey. If we look at those who come our way with a mindset of trying to understand what purpose they serve into our lives, we will get hurt and move on instead of continuously suffering. Yes, cry your eyes out, feel the pain that’s necessary. Feel the weight of your sadness, but remember that at the end of this, you could look at all these people and try to structure meaning out of it, pick your heart up, and feel light again.

How many times did we have to mess up to learn the right thing? How many times did we trust the wrong people before having a rather reasonable judgement? I would say a fair share of experiences. I no longer pity myself. I no longer blame the people around me. Instead, I have learned that my utmost power is my attitude. I am thankful for everyone who came my way so that one day I could become an unshakable mountain.