Sometimes You Suck And That’s Okay

Sometimes you suck and that’s okay. I am just going to say it to your face. You mess up. You let yourself down. You hurt others. You hurt yourself. Your crumble because of it all. And I am here telling you it’s okay. We’ve all got stories and actions we are not proud of, moments we desperately want to eliminate from our batch of input to the world. You’re not alone and you’re not as bad as you think. People are scared as heck to show their mistakes, their not-so-proud moments, and here you are feeling alone, feeling like you messed up so bad, unlike some of those around you.

If you need the consolation, at least there’s me saying that I mess up, constantly trying to improve and failing many times too. But there’s a thing I realized after watching a specific anime, and it was that to make something of yourself and build something magical out of your life, you’re going to some degree have to mess up in the process.

You’re not born with a manual on how to get it right the first time, and if you were, then what would be the point? You’re going to face situations where you will want the ground beneath you to swallow you up, but these moments are also pivotal for your growth.

There are two things that happen when we mess up and become so aware of it: We can self-sabotage badly and cause so much more damage and run away from any similar experience or learn from it and improve. And running away and putting yourself down is such a shame, because messing up only says there is room for improvement. Hurting ourselves and others teaches us so much about dealing with hearts and the fragility of minds. Messing up shows us the way.

If it were not for the misunderstandings and the hurt and the willingness to make it work, then would you ever reach anything? So the next time you mess up and you feel wounded by it, remember that it’s okay—it only means you’re on the way to paving something better along the way, and the times you mess up are the opportunities.

Sucking at something isn’t a bad thing as long as you use it constructively, as long as you let it fuel you to do better, so let’s mess up and let’s learn and let’s enjoy it all.


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