Tomorrow Isn’t Promised, So Live Today

The more days pass, the more I realize how fragile life really is. I see people die in a blink of an eye. I see people not living the future they had envisioned because of certain circumstances that rerouted their whole life. And all it makes me feel is that the continuity of our life on earth is not a guaranteed thing. It never was and never will be. Death and unpredictability are inevitable parts of life. We are all here for a while, but no one knows how long that while is going to last.

The situation we are living in reinforces that. It screams survival of the fittest. The people who can adapt quickly, the people who have the means to, mentally, financially and physically, are the ones who will likely make it to the other side if they are going to manage to hold up. And sadly, some people will not be able to belong to this group. Life is just a series of events, categories where some make it and some do not, but among all of that, I am still here hopeful and I want you to be hopeful.

The fragility of life just makes me aware of the fact that I only have this moment. Life in no way owes us a tomorrow and that is just the truth of existing. However, you owe yourself a beautiful and meaningful existence, even if it is just for a second. The probability of you existing today is actually very slim, yet you happen to be here despite all things. Try really existing. Try living in the way that fills your heart the most, on your own terms, with your own definition of what that is. You are still here, reading this; you are still alive. No matter how unbearable or frightening or stressful or saddening life may feel right now or at any point in time, I hope that you still get the chance to feel otherwise so that by the time that your trip here is up, you can feel through each inch of your bone that you have taken a brave shot at life. You cried, laughed, loved, were loved, blossomed, tasted despair and happiness and hope and frustration all in this lifetime.

Whether you are at home, or rescuing lives, or working at the office, I just hope that when you acknowledge that tomorrow may never come for you, you could feel at ease because you are constantly living truthfully and deeply through whatever life has ever offered you and is still offering you, including the potential of that being taken away from you.