Dear God: This Is My Prayer To You

Dear God,

There is so much on my mind I have been wanting to tell you. There is so much I am scared to speak about in case I do not hear your answer back. People have told me that you listen, that you can hear oceans and always give signs, always heal, always truly answer. I want to believe them; I want to confide in you without having the slightest doubt, but sometimes I feel like all I get back is silence. But today, I have decided to ask fiercely and with an open heart, because I would rather honestly cry out for help to you than feel like I never tried to reach you.

This is my prayer to you. This is my heart reaching for your light. Today, all I ask is for you to guide me, for you to answer my loud yet shy whisper.

Dear God, I ask you to take care of children suffering, of children starving (emotionally and physically), of refugees, of greed and of any social injustice there is. I ask you to help us unite, to help us have equal rights, and for every human being to have a chance at truly enjoying life.

Dear God, I ask you to take care of good people—I hope you never let evil win. I hope you never let a sweet mother cry because of a heartbreak she never deserved. I hope you mend hearts that got shattered and traumatized. I hope you can help people rebuild themselves. I hope that this all happens for a reason.

Dear God, I ask you to help each one of us meet the right people at the right time. I hope you can bless us all with the gift of great friends and great mentors who will help us become the best version of ourselves. I hope you always unite people with the same soul and passion without having them walk the road alone. I hope they can find warmth and a home in each other—warmth that reminds them of your love.

Dear God, may you always give us the patience to have the difficult conversations, the ones who will truly help us grow. May you help us be flexible and dissolve our hearts from unnecessary anger and pride that clouds our sight. I hope you can help us soften our hearts, to become kinder and persevere through this life.

Dear God, may you never let people’s potential go to waste. May you push us in the right direction, even if we have forgotten the way, even if we have traveled the opposite way. May you always guide us back home to where we truly belong, to where we can truly serve those around us.

Dear God, I just hope you are truly there. I hope you can always make me loved, scoop me up, and give me a helping hand when I need to. Even when I am stubborn, even when I am obnoxious, I hope you always know that I am a human in need of your blessing.

Dear God, stay by my side; stay by our side. The world needs you every second of the day. Please show up. This is my prayer to you.