61 Small (But Important) Ways To Show Someone You Care

1. Check on them randomly.

2. Smile at their face.

3. Remember the details.

4. Give them your time.

5. Give them your undivided attention.

6. Speak to them gently.

7. Be honest.

8. Give them constructive criticism.

9. Give them a hug.

10. Offer them a ride.

11. Let them choose where you will go out.

12. Get them their favorite meal.

13. Cook for them.

14. Offer them a shoulder to cry on.

15. Give them the space the need.

16. Tell them you love them.

17. Calm down instead of hurting them with your words.

18. Defend them when appropriate.

19. Surprise them with something they love.

20. Be nice to their family.

21. Be genuinely interested in what they have to say.

22. Believe in them 100%.

23. Support their wild dreams.

24. Make them laugh.

25. Try to really understand what they are saying.

26. Ask them about themselves.

27. Introduce them to your friends.

28. Don’t judge them.

29. Accept them fully.

30. Highlight their qualities.

31. Know their favorite songs.

32. Take them on fun adventures.

33. Help them with their life obstacles.

34. Be generous with money.

35. Compliment them.

36. Open up to them.

37. Trust them.

38. Don’t lie to them.

39. Try to always learn new things about them.

40. Get them small gifts whenever you can.

41. Don’t hold grudges.

42. Be your true self.

43. Share good news with them.

44. Make eye contact.

45. Try to understand their love language.

46. Don’t spill your baggage on them.

47. Be consistent.

48. Share some of your things with them.

49. Admit it when you are wrong.

50. Meet them halfway.

51. Understand what they love about themselves.

52. Remind them to be kind to themselves.

53. Forgive them.

54. Be responsible.

55. Be reliable.

56. Go the distance.

57. Set your ego aside.

58. Notice their progress.

59. Be tender.

60. Show them possible opportunities whenever you can.

61. Don’t take them for granted.

TCID: amira–abdel-fadil