When You’re Scared To Take The Leap, Do It Anyway

We all have it—that one thing you know deep down inside you want to do, but you’re too scared.

You know, that thing you have thought so long about giving a try, but all of the what if’s start piling up, and before you know it, you’ve snowballed into the worst case scenario. You end up talking yourself out of taking any action at all!

You might also be really good at repression, and once you decide to not take any action, you pretend that you don’t care. It doesn’t matter. You’re not scared of failing or afraid of what people will think. The excuse you give yourself is that you don’t have the time.

I have one question that I want you to write down and answer: If you weren’t afraid, what would you do?

What is your thing? What are you scared or afraid of doing? Big things, little things, anything at all. Quitting your job, leaving a relationship, starting (or learning) a new hobby, singing in front of a crowd, skydiving, trying cooking for the first time.

If you’re scared of something there’s a good reason for it. It’s because it makes you nervous.

If you’re both parts nervous and excited, then that’s a good sign that you need to take the leap! Think about all of the biggest moments in your life – there’s a good chance that at some point, before you were in your happy and comfortable place, you were nervous and afraid that it wouldn’t work out.

Are you scared of failing or are you scared of what other people are going to say? The question you need to ask yourself, then, is: Why does it matter? It’s your life, not theirs, and at the end of the day, you’re the one that’s going to be missing out on amazing opportunities. So why live your life not taking chances because you’re scared of something?

What are you afraid of and how can you take one small action step towards it today?

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I’m an emotional wellbeing coach obsessed with Harry Potter and llamas

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