I Found You Fighting A Battle Between Logic And Wonder

Unsplash Mayur Gala
Unsplash Mayur Gala

Sentiments escape, like birds from a cage.
Their company fleeting.
Flying recklessly; cataclysmal, yet beautiful to behold.
No longer in sight, they remain.

Imprisoned in my mind.

Untouched by uncertainty.

Entrapped, I found you; fighting a battle between logic and wonder.
Stranded in thought.
Endlessly layering bricks and mortar.
Your fortress, unknowingly transparent to my eyes.

Frozen, we stand.
Captivated by the unanticipated.
Unwilling to comply with a force so strong.
Resisting what we know to be undoubtedly true.

Defeated by desire.
We’ll cling to this reverie
Casting off the realm of logic and reason.
Caving in to intuition, we find us within.
Mirrored souls, baffled as if we stare into our own reflections.
Elated to find in the other, ourselves.

Stripped bare.
Our flesh and bones on exhibit.

Emblazoned from within.
Restless, our souls emerge; overshadowing our finite selves.

Transposed, we’ll remain.
No longer bound by the chains of expectation
Propelled into the freedom of promise.

We enter into love, unabridged.Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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