This Is The Speech Trump Should Have Given The NFL For Kneeling During The National Anthem

The American Flag flying in the wind
Unsplash / Jonathan Simcoe

Here’s the type of speech I wish our president gave regarding the NFL…

NFL players, I’d like to commend you on exercising your first amendment rights to free speech. That is one of many things that make our country great. It’s honorable to work to cure a social ill or injustice when you see one. You are clearly concerned with making our nation a better place to live, as are we. I’d like to note, though, that it seems in the process of how you are raising awareness for your cause, you are upsetting large amounts of your very own fan base. As a business man myself, this doesn’t seem like a wise business decision.

In general, the American people have a lot of pride in our country and to tie your protest to the flag has understandably upset them. We are a nation that serves others and the vast majority of citizens value those who serve in the line of duty whether at home or abroad. When a soldier gives his or her life for our country, the family is presented with a flag honoring their service and sacrifice. I hope you can see how some of your fans would be very passionate about what the flag and national anthem can represent.

Your fans also love this game; they love supporting their home team and they love supporting you. Football is unique to America and you are famous among many for what you have accomplished. I bet if you presented your concerns with a clear objective and a group to support working to solve these issues, you would see your fans rally around your cause. Until they know what they can actually do to help, they will remain confused and frustrated.

Trust me, Americans have shown their aptitude to come together amidst adversity to make our nation better every day. Our recent natural disasters have brought out the best in many as neighbors have helped neighbors and countrymen traveled great distances to help fellow countrymen. Give your fans that option to come along side you as well. Have faith in them and they will surprise you.

If its justice you seek from your government, you can rest assured my staff and I will continue to do everything in our power to serve justice for all in this great land. Goodnight. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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