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Amelia is a writer/poet/editor/ghostwriter/yoga teacher from NYC. She digs folk music, her crazy siblings, and her ...

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I Haven’t Gone Shopping Since 1997

I know you all think I’m some sort of magical unicorn because I manage to consistently and simultaneously do Four Seemingly Impossible Things: 1) make a living as a writer, 2) travel all over the place, 3) be 27, and 4) live in Manhattan.

Reasons Why Weddings Are Awkward

They have awkward arbitrary seating arrangements. Maybe you got stuck sitting next to that girl you hooked up with once in college, and she was all “Sooo, it’s nice to see you, wanna have a threesome?”

10 Things My Sexual Orientation Is Not

There wasn’t some Mrs. Dalloway moment where I said, “I think I’ll buy the flowers myself!” aka “I think I’ll eschew all sexuality categories and forge my own path ahead, thus infuriating my brethren of various sexual orientations for always and eternity!”