8 No-Brainer (But Awesome) Ways Couples Stay Happy In A Relationship


1. They laugh together.

Laughing is contagious and good for the soul. Having moments of shared laughter is great bonding as it brings people closer and allows for shared experiences, memories, and happiness.

2. They say “I love you”.

These magic words of affection never get old. Say it in person, via a call, text message, social media, etc. It’s important to show your love for your partner everyday to remind them how much you love and care. Be there for them and show them that you are happy with their accomplishments and encourage them to reach their true potential. Shower each other generously with words of affirmation and encouragement.

3. They are not afraid to show affection.

It’s sweet to hold hands while walking the streets, share a random hug at the traffic light, or sneak a kiss while waiting for a lift. Happy couples are not afraid to be seen with each other and sometimes even make other people jealous seeing them so happy and loving together.

4. They spend time together.

Often we are caught up in work and other commitments; it’s hard to find time. But it’s essential to stay together, even when life pulls you apart. Schedule time together (quality time) and indulge in each other’s company. If it’s hard to meet up during the weekends, sneak in spontaneous lunch dates or do grocery shopping together.

5. They give their undivided attention.

When you spend time together, make sure your eyes are not glued to your screens. As much as possible refrain from using your phones and be connected with your partner face to face. Choose to be in the moment and enjoy the smile on each other’s faces!

6. They cuddle and hug often.

Whenever you meet, commit to squeezy-bear hugs and passionate kisses. Don’t underestimate the power of physical touch – a hug, kiss or hand hold could improve the quality of your relationship. Plus it reduces stress!

7. They say kind words to each other.

Never forget to say “thank you” and appreciate each other. Out of the many billions of other people in the world, they chose you. Compliment your partner on the effort they put in to do things for you, on the progress they are making and how they are working on improving themselves. The more you show appreciation for each other and notice the little things, the more satisfied you will feel about your relationship and the more willing you will be to do more of those things.

8. They plan their futures together.

Remember that you two are a team. Have deep and meaningful conversations on future plans for your shared lives. Planning makes your bond stronger and enriches your journey together. Relationships are like taking care of a plant; they require care and effort. It’s important to not take your relationship for granted. Practice these simple gestures daily to make your relationship happy and loving. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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