From Chains To A Cheeseburger


The Dark Light is a comic strip series that plays with perception through the eyes of a depressed and negative girl named ZeeLee, and Thetiko, a very twisted and positive angel who follows her around. Follow along as they end up in everyday situations, thinking their way out of the dark and into the light.

It’s written by Amber Tozer (follow her on Twitter @AmberTozer) and Illustrated by Claire Widman (follow her on Instagram @clairewidman). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Amber is a stand up comic, writer, and actress. She has built a Twitter following of over 40k users, and her tweets have been featured on shows such as Jimmy Fallon and Ellen, among others. She co-created #nitTWITS, a Twitter-based web series, which features writers and performers from SNL, Modern Family, The Office, and Conan. Amber has written for Cartoon Network’s animated sketch series MAD, and Adult Swim’s Moral Orel. Tozer has also made appearances on Last Comic Standing, and in the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival. She sold her animated series “The Tozer Show” to FOX ADHD and was recently at the prestigious 2014 Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland and will be featured at the High Plains Comedy Festival in Colorado this summer.

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