Here’s To The ‘Fat’ Girls


Here’s to the “fat” girls

The ones who get called names just because they are larger than life.

The ones who cry at night because they think they’re ugly and unloved.

The ones who look longingly at the photoshopped bony bodies that people call beautiful.

The ones who never get a chance at love because boys never like “big girls”.

The ones whose stomachs ache in synchronized beat with their hearts.

The ones who would love to be seen for who they are instead of how they look.

The ones who tried to lose weight and got “fat jokes” in return.

To the ones whose entire being got reduced to the size of their stomach, or arms, or cheeks.

The ones who had their whole world crashing down and still had to sit through being called fat.

The ones who attracts the bad kind of stares.

The ones who would do anything to be a size zero and be the star just this once.

This is for you. I write this for every tear,

for every time the word fat scarred your body with shame,

for every time you had to cringe before looking at the weighing scale,

for those jokes from strangers who don’t even know who you are,

for every time the only words you needed to hear were, “You are beautiful”.

This is for you. You are beautiful, no matter what your waist line. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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