10 Great Ways To Pass The Time For When You’re Single

1. Celebrate holidays however you want

Dress up as a hotdog in November and eat Thanksgiving dinner by yourself. Valentines Day is now Celebrate Me Day! Get a massage or take off of work and go on a mini vacation.

2. Watch embarrassing movies on Netflix

No one is around to judge you, but maybe have your account under a user called Brenda to blame all of the weird suggestions on just in case you have company over one day.

3. Adopt a puppy

They take up a lot of time, and they’re as cute as hell. Now you won’t need a significant other for approximately 12 years. Get some experience being a single mother/father to a cute, furry thing. Plus, dogs won’t judge you when you’re in bed eating ice cream. They’re so down for that shit.

4. Take a ten hour bubble bath

Literally turn into a prune. Don’t get out until you are completely unrecognizable. Read or watch TV while you’re in there. Write a Thought Catalog post while you’re at it! Stay in there even if someone’s knocking at your door. You answer to no one!

5. Eat candy for all three meals of the day

Spastically dance to pop music during all three sugar rushes and then pass out at 8pm. Wake back up at midnight and go out with your friends. Don’t meet potential lovers. Just dance.

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6. Turn your apartment into Legends of the Hidden Temple

Hang ropes from the ceiling and use them to swing out of your window and into your neighbor’s. When they kick you out, repeat.

7. Sing the new Britney song in a variety of genres

Screamo, opera, country, alt rock. Snapchat it to your other single friends and ask each other why you’re still single.

8. Pick up a weird hobby

Race walking, scuba diving in the tub, photographing rats, whatever. Invent one.

9. Go full weird

Do all of the weird stuff you enjoy doing with 100% effort.There’s no one living in the other half of your studio apartment judging all of the weird things that you do, so get weird right now.

10. Enjoy complete freedom

Plan a vacation without scheduling around someone else’s life. Go to the movies alone and don’t feel bad about it. Eat wherever you want with no debate. It’s the little things. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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