4 Reasons Why Staying In Is Always Better Than Going Out

So, long story short, I have access to a Netflix account courtesy of my best friend’s cousin’s flatmate. This is an incredibly big deal and a rather pivotal point in my life. You see, as far as New Zealand is concerned, there’s no such thing as Netflix. For years I have envied those who would never know the struggle of streaming TV shows and movies off of very suspicious, very illegitimate websites, or the battle Having taken a break from The Vampire Diaries (I’m saving myself to give the best friend mentioned above time to catch up so we can watch it together), I couldn’t help but ponder the current state of my social life, or lack thereof in this instance. You would think that one must start to feel sad, lonely, cut-off or withdrawn when nights at home watching TV shows online is all he or she does, but it’s quite the opposite for me. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy getting drunk, socially chain smoking and dancing fully rehearsed routines to Grease Lightening and The Time Warp at the disco club. I’ve just gotten into the habit of spending more time in than out. And that’s just how I like it. Below, a few reasons why:

1. It’s cheaper.

Depending on the specials, I can usually pick up two bags of chips (don’t judge me) for $3.00. Add for just another $3.00 I get Cadbury’s Black Forest chocolate, which calculates to a grand total of $6.00 for a night’s worth of entertainment (the beauty of Netflix is that it’s free — or, at least in my case it is). Of course, this is subjective. Everyone has different snack preferences so after a quick calculation of general snack “go-to’s,” I figured one isn’t likely to spend more than $15.00. Still, that’s a hell of a lot cheaper than what you’d spend on a night out on the piss. Alcohol alone is upwards of $15.00. Then there’s the impulsive “I’m drunk” round of shots and jägerbombs followed by an even more drunk Macca’s run. The way I see it is: I can have just as much fun for a fraction of the price, and devoid of drama, all from the comfort of my bed as opposed to the discomfort of my heels. It’s a no-brainer.

2. It’s less effort.

It takes approximately 35 seconds to strip out of the confines of one’s day attire into pajama pants, bed socks, and a hoody. It takes approximately 17 seconds to wash my makeup off with a hot flannel, moisturize and whip my hair up into a bun. It takes hours to do that in reverse for a night out. Who can be fucked? You’re likely to get drunk, cry your makeup off, trip over and soil your dress and ruin your hair before you even make it to a club anyway. So why bother?

3. There’s no looming hangover.

It’s assumed that one would normally spend the day after a night out in bed watching Netflix, but then again, staring into a bright screen is a surefire way to worsen that pounding headache now isn’t it? And no one likes to keep interrupting a show, right? Right. And certainly not when it’s to go hang your head over the toilet bowl. That smouldering, sexy vampire sex scene is never as sexy when you resume with an aftertaste of tequila in your mouth. *Shudders*

I’d rather my lazy day be ailment free, thanks.

4. Cuddle buddy vs fuck buddy.

I’m passing no judgement, but bring someone home after a night out and it’s less likely to result in cute cuddles. Far more likely is that it’ll end up in a pretty sloppy, regrettable hook up. On the contrary, if you invite someone over to join you in your Netflix-and-ice-cream pursuits, you’re bound to get the best of both worlds. Granted, sometimes you just want cuddles and sometimes you just want fucks, but why not open yourself to the option to pick and choose? All I’m saying is: I’m not for taking the risk of cuddle-less post-drunk coitus. That’s all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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