Get Lost Falling In Love With Yourself This Summer

Woman on vacation steps out of the cove to relax in the beach shores
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This may seem cliché to some of you, but I honestly believe you have to figure out who you are in order to attract the correct friendships and relationships in your life. You have to try and figure yourself out in order for others to appreciate the person you present in front of them.

This summer is about YOU, not your a half-ass, almost relationship, not putting everyone else’s needs before your own, and definitely not giving all your energy to individuals who don’t see your full potential.

I dare you to fall in love with yourself, terrifying, right?

During my first year of college and the start of this summer, my eyes have explored worlds I had been closed off from my whole life.

From starting to get into shape, to figuring out how to handle stressful situations, I am finally brushing off the girl I once was to express the person I have been searching for my whole life.

The people I have attracted this past year are more genuine and kind than high school ever sent my direction, I honestly believe this is due to letting myself be who I have been hiding these past 19 years. I am finally starting to understand who I am as a person, what I want to be, and the dreams I wish to accomplish.

I can look in the mirror and see a woman who is just getting started, and I’m so excited to see what’s in store for her.

This is a prime time to discover yourself, your dreams, goals, aspirations, and everything in between that will one day make up the person you will fully mold into, and why not start finding them now? You have a break from the books and rain (hopefully) so why not use your spare time to search for the person you have always wished to be?

It is SO important to love the body you’re in, the activities you participate in, the company you keep, and the outlook you have on life.

If you want that “hot bod,” go get that damn gym membership, if you want to tell someone you’re in love with them (I wish you the best of luck), frickin’ do it! If you want to work your ass off to save up for a small, summer road trip, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Find what out what gets you excited to wake up in the morning, count your blessings, call up an old friend who you’re missing dearly. But whatever you do, make sure it adds to the future you, the person you aspire to be and not who you once were.

I’m not done finding myself, but I’m so excited to see how this next chapter will help me flourish into the girl I want to be seen as. A strong, capable woman who knows what she wants and achieves anything she puts her mind to.

So fall madly, deeply in love with yourself. Because I promise you, nothing is more rewarding. TC mark

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