You Were Not Foolish For Believing Their Lies, Love

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If you are still beating yourself up over investing time and energy into a relationship that went south really fast, STOP.

Maybe you thought their intentions were crystal clear, maybe you may have even accepted the lies they spewed into your ear only to find out it was completely untrue. That the relationship/friendship was all a ploy that you were innocently sucked into.

You may be sat in your kitchen, drinking coffee that’s filling the pit inside of your stomach where they once sat. Or maybe you’re listening to a song that takes you back to when life seemed “flawless.” Contemplating about how everything they presented was false. Their presence in your life was FALSE. Their words and compliments were FAKE. How could you be so “dumb” and think it was all finally working out? How could you be so uninformed? And how in the world did you not see the obvious signs?

No, it’s not okay that they tricked you, but I’m here to tell you that falling for this persona was inevitable.

You believed every detail they told you. From the “I truly care about you,” to the subtle “I love you.” Because their voice convinced you it was all true, and they were pretty damn good at it, weren’t they? All they wanted was the best for you, explaining you could “trust” them because why on earth would they hurt you?

But, before you keep having negative self thoughts, you were not foolish, my love. You wanted to believe they would never truly hurt you, or worse, become a giant lie that unraveled over a period of time.

Nothing prepared you for the after feeling, nothing prepared you for the mess they left you in. 

You were not stupid or ignorant for wanting to see the good in them. That’s part of your personality. Quite frankly isn’t it better to believe everyone deserves a chance than always be on edge about every individual you meet?

You WANT to think everyone has a better side, a kinder side than what this person pushed towards your direction. Maybe you still believe they’re going to come back and fix the trail of mess they left behind. Because that’s who you are, and who you are is beautiful.

It is OKAY to one day wake up and come to the conclusion that everything that flew out of their mouth may have been full of lies and deception. But YOU got the courage to dust yourself off and realize what they did was NOT okay. That they are in the wrong and maybe someday they will realize how awful they treated your gentle heart. Maybe they’ll understand you were worth more than this or, heaven forbid, actually apologize!

But remember, you got up and brushed it all off because you realized you deserved more than what they put you through. Your body and mind deserved more than a half-assed presence in your life. An individual who doesn’t see the kindness and hardships you’ve been through while maybe even using your weaknesses against you.

You moved on and left the deception and lies with them because you’re the bigger person. You’re stronger because of what they put you through. You need to realize your heart should have NO effect because you cannot let their poison spew into your body permanently.

They may have left a path of destruction, but you’ve come a long way from when they were in your life.

No, you’re not “ignorant” for believing every word they strung into a sentence, so stop beating yourself up over a toxic individual who doesn’t see the beauty in your soul.

So get out of your kitchen, stop listening to crappy music, put that damn coffee cup down, and realize your heart will come in handy one day. A day when someone wants to place love and not deceit within it. TC mark


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