When You’re Going Through Changes In Your Life, Remember This

Whether it marks the end of an era, a decade, a term or a chapter, coming to the end of something that once was and will no longer be is not just a daunting and strangely new reality, but it’s also something that gives us so much liberation and appreciation for what once was.

We’ve all had our world flipped and changed in one way or another over these past few months, and even though some of it has been bad, we shouldn’t hold the mindset that it will be bad forever.

As we continue down this journey into the unknown of change, we need to learn how to embrace the newness that comes with it. Instead of resenting change, we need to acknowledge that it is happening around us—that our world is changing, and it will keep on changing.

Change doesn’t care whether you want it or not or if you’re ready or comfortable enough to accept it. It happens without your consent. It’s the seasons that change and the birds that fly south; it stays as constant as the sea current and the winds across the deserts.

Some of us change jobs or homes to find new ways to survive and cope with our reality, while others say goodbye to lives lived in cities to greet a new “normal” somewhere else.

The reality is that we’re all closing chapters in our lives, and even though closing them means that what lies ahead is new and uncertain and sometimes a little scary, it doesn’t mean that it has to be all bad. Without the change of wind, the flowers won’t grow; without the change of sea current, sea life won’t survive.

Change is happening and it’s all around us, from the changing of the colors of the leaves to the changing of homes to the changing of lifestyles. It’s a natural part of life and something we sometimes have no control over.

What we do have control over is the way we react to the change around us. How we choose to look at it and how we choose to process it. We always have this choice, and this is where we have power over the situations we find ourselves in.

We can choose to find the positives in the things that change around us, just like we can choose the positives in our everyday lives. For me, just being able to write this is a positive; for others, it’s being able to walk outside or drink a cup of coffee with a friend.

Remember that just because things are changing and shifting to a new normal doesn’t mean that it’s all bad. Embrace the changes, but most importantly, embrace it with acceptance.

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