There’s A New Epidemic That Only The Rich Can Catch, And The Government Doesn’t Want Me To Tell You Why

Elena Montemurro

The epidemic started with what was thought to be isolated cases in Dallas and Boston. The man from Dallas was vomiting blood, having spiked insulin levels and breaking out in rashes. The woman had the same symptoms but also seizures. One doctor theorized that the patients were possibly poisoned. How the two were poisoned was not clear but the public’s minds were put to rest. That is, until six months later when a 12-year-old Caucasian female came down with the same symptoms of the man and the woman — except she was from West Covina.


Outrage came from a public that demanded to know why the CDC had no answers. As soon as the sickness started, it spread fast. The X Virus, as we began to call it, moved to every city and was present in every state. What was baffling was that not every person became infected.

Scientists ran tests as certain families in neighborhoods caught the virus and others did not. No one could figure out how or why this virus came about or where it came from. Schools were shut down; public gatherings were blocked off, most stayed in their houses. More and more people became sicker. Only a few hundred died, but most could overcome the illness by taking medications from their doctors.  Not even the smartest Ivy League educated could figure it out, but I did. The only problem was that no one would listen to me.


My name is Leonard Short and if you’re reading this, then you have a responsibility to educate others that something very real and common is making them sick.

If you are reading this, then I am probably dead or out in hiding from the American government. Yes – the government, because they have secrets and no your best interest is not what they care about. What I am about to tell you, is crucially important and I need you to believe me.

After thirty year old Kentaro Wong from China discovered the cure for cancer, the American Health Care System lost trillions. It was no coincidence that Wong was found dead three years later. The government does not give a shit about you. They only want to make money.

I was an investigative journalist for a major network I will not name. I went too deep in my research and made enemies. I became noticed and now they’re after me. They; the men in the black suits who drive slowly in the black cars. They know that I have proof of what they did and the black cars will find me eventually, but for now, I must get the truth out.


It didn’t take long for me to start putting together the pieces.

Only those who lived in particular cities, towns or neighborhoods caught the virus. Then I narrowed it down to those who made above fifty thousand a year, in wealthy neighborhoods in cities and towns.

The perfectly healthy people were those that did not live in homes. The people who did not own shelter, but those that slept outside. The ones that drove Lamborghini’s were dropping like flies quicker than the ones that drove the 2005 Sedans. I realized that it was the wealthy that were being targeted, but why?

That was the question I had to find out. Why would the government purposely go after the rich? Wouldn’t it be the poor that they would go after? Luckily, I had a deep background in biology and I was able to analyze and study the virus. The X Virus could survive on surfaces for months – not days – on or without oxygen filled environments. The only element that could kill the virus was heat. I thought about the why endlessly over months and years. What did the upper-class have that the working class did not? I dove deeper into that question.


I’ve been moving every two days sleeping in motels, my car, and under bridges. It was when I spent a couple nights under the Valigante Bridge outside of Boston that I noticed how vibrant and vigorous the homeless were compared to the rest of society. The sick continued to become sicker and the poorer continued to become healthier.

Those who had the most money could spend it on the best doctors nationwide and internationally, but no one could figure out how it was spreading or its origins in the first place. The CDC thought they sealed every crack of deceit, but cockroaches always get in and out.

I knew I needed more information, and I knew the information was being guarded by the powerful. I went undercover at a reception for a political event that invited all the US senators, representatives, congress, and specific press. I made sure I made the list.

After only a few hours there, I got a lucky break. After watching a high ranking (and married) government official, I was able to catch him in the middle of an intimate “act” with a woman who was not his wife. I had my bait. Now it was time to fish.

I cornered him in the men’s room and I questioned him – threatening him with my evidence of his lack of control over his dick. He grabbed me by the collar, and lord knows I was not a fighter, and looked me in the eye and spit out “It was never supposed to happen this way.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

The self important man grinned. “Meet me in the private bar upstairs in ten minutes,” he whispered. I let him go and he walked out smiling to nearby guests as if nothing had happened. I looked myself in the mirror and I prepared myself for what was to come. I was uncertain, filled with doubt, but the truth grew like a fire inside my chest and I was ready to burn.

I took the steps and soon the party noise faded behind me. I was let into a room and the man who I will call Chuck turned slowly in a chair with a spot of whiskey in a square glass.

“What is it that you need to know?’ He asked after taking a sip. I could tell it burned his old throat.

“Where did it come from? Why did you target the wealthy? You know what I am talking about. We both know it is not a part of nature.”

Chuck laughed and stood up from his chair. “You don’t really think the virus was intended? It was never the poor people either. It was for everyone. After cures for all these diseases started coming out and people stopped paying for doctors, millions lost their jobs. I know doctors who live with food stamps. Doctors! Something had to be done.”

He paused before continuing, “We all thought that maybe we could bring in a new disease and spread it slowly, so that people would go to the hospital again…but we had to somehow conceal out intentions. We sent travelers to South America, Asia, and Australia. For years we could not find a bacteria or virus that was not too lethal or too quick to take over its host. Then we found one that lived under pressure in the Indian Ocean. We did our research and it was not supposed to actually kill anyone…”

“But it did!” I responded in a fury.

“Hundreds have become so sick; they can’t go to the hospital, because they can’t go to work to be able to afford the doctors. How the hell could you think that taking away healthcare was the solution? The world was searching for decades for a cure for cancer and China finally developed it. But that was not good enough? Saving lives and keeping families together was not good enough because now doctors live on food stamps?”

“Please…” replied Chuck.

“You fuckers thought that the only solution for making more money was killing off a few thousand people.  Maybe if you kept health care people would have went to the doctors more. How do you sleep at night?”

“In a ten thousand dollar bed! It’s quite nice,” smiled Chuck.

I was fuming inside. “It’s getting worst and you know it! You can’t stop it and once it has mutated, you’ve created a scenario of possible extinction for the human race. If that virus becomes uncontrollable, what are you going to do?”

“How!?” I demand.

“How what?” screams Chuck, “This is the way it has to be. We’re not communist bud, there has to be a order…otherwise anyone is going to think that they can be or do anything. That is not possible. If everyone afforded the hospital bills out of pocket, there would no debt or money to collect. In short, we would lose money by not charging interest on those who miss their payments. The economy has to keep going ’round, or we are all good as dead anyway!”

“How does it spread?”

“Through the one thing everyone needs. The one piece of paper that men and women have died for, dreamed for, lived for, and killed for. Why do you think so many elites only pay with credit cards?”

“You bastard!” I yelled (almost laughed). “The jokes on you, because it’s the ignorant upper-class that gets hurt. Poor people will die, dream, live and kill for that paper, but most will never enough to have the exposure to the virus to catch it. That’s where you fail, buddy and everyone is going to know.”

“How is that going to happen?” Smiles Chuck deviously.

It was at that moment I realized that someone had closed the door behind me and nothing but my heart beating could be heard. I had to get out somehow and behind Chuck was a five foot long window. The glass looked sturdy and expensive, but something told me it might not withstand a chair.

As I saw the shadows of two meat heads probably coming for me from behind, I quickly picked up a chair in the corner and with all my strength I threw it at the glass. Chuck jumped out of the way. The glass cracked in the middle, but it was not enough to break it. I guess that only works in movies.

Luckily, Chuck’s goons had guns. I made sure to stand by the window as they shot at me – breaking the glass. I jumped out and hoped to a God I did not believe in that there would be something to land on below. I was lucky, because I was only ten feet up and a car was waiting by the curb. As I looked up, more gun shots came my way and ripped right through my shoulder.

A flesh wound.

I hailed a taxi quickly and got in. The men kept shooting after the car, but we were able to get out of view. I paid the man what little I had left in my wallet and I began my journey as a man on the run. Now the only thing left to do was get the information out to the public. I knew they would come looking for me, so I had to keep it low until I had the right moment.


Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I was going to face certain death, but my life did not matter. I now had the responsibility and ethical duty to convince billions of people to stop using, touching, and exposing themselves to the one thing that has driven the human race since the Greco-Roman era.  People had to stop using money. I waited until I could safely buy equipment. The government would go after my family and friends, and perhaps kill them. I couldn’t think about it. I had to do this no matter the consequences. I opened up my Mac Book Omega and did what I do best, write.

If you are still reading this, share it amongst everyone you know on every outlet you can. Make my story as viral as the diseases they created.


My name is Leonard Courier. I am a journalist from Boston, Massachusetts. What I am about to tell you, I need you to believe. Our government is poisoning us and they’re using the very thing that means something dear to every American. How did you think the X-virus came to be? How did you think Cancer, Aids, Celiac, and Diabetes came to be? That almost half the nation is gluten intolerant or 70% are diabetic. These diseases were not accidents. They kept us sick for centuries and we paid thousands and some of us millions to see doctors and pay for our medications.

When that was taken away by the mass creation of cures, the country could not handle it economically and they found a replacement which is what is plaguing all of you. The virus spreads by living on a specific surface and cannot be killed with time. It is on your currency, inside your purses, cash registers, trust funds, and safes. Burn your money now! Heat is the only thing that kills the virus. I know it sounds crazy, but you must believe me. Take all of your money, your bills and your change and burn it! Throw it into your thousand dollar fire places or trash can. It is what is killing you and making you sicker. Trust in these words. You may not know me, but I know you…and I know you will make the right decision.

I knew they could track me here and that is why I also bought one more thing. I will not go down without bringing the truth to light in more ways than one. To my Bostonians, watch for the sky tonight. As I told you, I am not afraid to die. We all have pieces to play when taking down the corrupt and no piece is unimportant in a game of chess. All a pawn simply has to do to stand where the King does is capture it. The government will lie, cover up and tell the public that I was crazy and out of my mind. You must not believe it!

Burn the cotton and linen that fills your wallets, bank accounts and pockets and stand against the organizations who claim they work for you. Take a stand against the injustice and sing a different anthem with your hand over your heart. I want you to know that I loved my country and I hope that you stand with me and stand with these words. I hope that Star Spangled Banner continues to wave for the land of our free and soon, the home of the brave. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Amaris is a 23 year old screenwriter residing in Los Angeles, California.

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