What You Should Know About The Girl Who Is Used To Being Left


There’s a million ways a heart can break. And a million different kinds of people who can break it. But within that scattered shower of pieces strewn all around, there is a beauty no one can quite put into words. The girl that is used to being left, may just be the most beautiful one you’ll ever meet.

If you were to close your eyes, and told to picture one image in your head when you hear the word “leaving,” what comes to mind? If you were told to draw that image, and exchange with 5 others, would those drawings be similar? What about 10 people? 50? 1,000? People’s experiences may be similar, but the way those experiences make us feel is what separates us.

The girl that is used to being left, can feel the most separated.

People are notorious for leaving. We live in a world where our options are seemingly endless and our infinitesimal attention spans flit from one shiny object to the next. Any person can leave. Spouse, parent, sibling, friend, child.

The girl that is used to being left has felt the pain of saying goodbye to each of these.

Leaving occurs in varying ways. Sometimes dizzying. And the choice is not completely ours to make, often times the choice is already decided. Fading love, dividing circumstances, death, none of which can be controlled.

The girl that is used to being left, has seen each of these first hand.

You may or may not think of leaving in the same way that she does, or have felt it at the same capacity. But you should know that what she craves more than having someone who stays, is someone who understands.

The emotion she yearns for from you isn’t sympathy, but empathy.

If you can truly see the pieces laying all around her and understand just how they got to be so jagged and fragmented, the girl who is used to being left may start to believe you’ll stay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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