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5 Excruciatingly Beautiful Things That Happen When You First Start Dating

Like really though… how do you make it not weird but read totally interested at the same time? You settle on the side hug thing where your neck kind of cranes into their chest and you rub-pat their stomach, but then you’re both walking to your destination and your hand that is so lonely and cold and definitely unsuspecting feels another hand creep on into it.

6 Ways Not To Lose A Guy During Football Season

I am a girl who loves her football because of many reasons (none being the tight uniforms). To name a few, there’s greasy food, heavy quantities of beer, and the privilege to yell at your TV without judgment.

The 10 People You Will Encounter On Your Commute

Along your routine and endless commutes you are bound to encounter a few driver types that know just how to rub dirt into all of your vehicular wounds. They are unavoidable; not even Waze knows how to alert you.

10 Signs You Might Be A Placeholder

Why should we be someone’s short-lived entertainment while we sit naively dreaming up an unrealistic future? The best way to move on quickly is to get out before it’s too late.