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Autism Makes Me Feel Like I Deserve To Be Alone

As one autistic friend said to me, “a lot of us live online” — but we don’t have to. We can create a world where there’s more understanding of people who are neuro-diverse, starting by talking about it.

Why I’m Giving Up My Dream For A Simpler Life

If you find yourself in a crossroads rights now, where you don’t know if you should quit school or find a new career or move into your parents’ basement to figure out your life — know that whatever you’re doing, you’re not worthless.

I Have Crippling Social Anxiety But There’s An Upside

The other night I was supposed to have a bunch of friends over. I made the event on Facebook weeks in advance when I was feeling really social, checking off ‘interested’ to a ton of other events in anticipation that I would soon be doing ALL THE THINGS.

How Edibles Helped Me Cope With My Health Issues

I’ve spent most of my adult life trying various treatments for my mood — antidepressants, which helped my anxiety but made it impossible to orgasm, alcohol which made my anxiety worse the day after. I was curious to see if microdosing edibles would help me take my symptoms from tolerable to non-existent.